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Friday, November 8, 2013

November 8, 2013

MY IPHONE SAYS IT'S 54 IN PB and should level out at a nice 72.  Nancy and I will head up the coast for an 11 AM appointment at Rex Industries for the annual progress review of autistic daughter Lisa.  I've got my fingers crossed it will be followed by lunch at Fish House Vera Cruz in Carlsbad, although I guess there's also one nearby in San Marcos.

I just learned there’s a golf tournament scheduled for Monday, November 25th in Rancho Bernardo, to benefit the Crawford Foundation and the Crawford Athletic Department.  You need to reserve your spot by Monday, November 11th.  For more information, please contact Darcel Glover, Crawford Athletic Director, at 619-583-2500 x4607 or via email at   Click HERE to go to the web site.

Carole Shannohoff Wolanow invites you to view three Picasa slide shows from the Class of ‘63 Reunion, featuring the photographs of Barbara Strange McClue’s husband Sid.  Friday Night #1, Friday Night #2 and Saturday Night  You're on your own as far as names are concerned, although I am available for a small consultation fee.

Ernie Myers, Noel Confer, and Art Way were three of the DJs I remember — and “It’s Only Make Believe”, by Conway Twitty, was the #1 hit on November 7, 1958.  Let me do the math.  Oh, never mind.  It was a while ago.  Click HERE to read the other 39 hits.

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