For people who attended Crawford High School or would have attended if they hadn't
moved -- or just have fond memories of San Diego in the '40s, '50s and '60s.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vote for Mission Trails Park

Click HERE to go to the Eco Ambassador on-line ballot and vote for Jay Wilson '61 and Mission Trails Park.  If he wins, Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation will get $25,000.

Seriously? We're Cousins?

Sheryl Slayen Baron '66 and Gary Dreyfus, who didn't know he was a Slayen, meet after 60 years.  Oh, but there's SO much more.  Click HERE to read about all of the Colts who are on the same Family Tree.

Louie Schwartzberg '68

Louie Schwartzberg '68 is featured in this 10-minute video showing some of his gorgeous nature photography.  Also something about his philosophy on life.  Click HERE -- and enjoy!!

Crawford vs Mt Miguel, November 17, 1961

I don't recall attending a Crawford football game at Aztec Bowl, but I've got the program.  Maybe someone gave it to me.  Wow!!  Duane Farrar weighed 200 pounds?  Click HERE to check out the other players.

The Centaurs Are Here!!!

Click HERE to see the color photos Mary Smith '62 took with her new camera the last week of school.  A bunch of folks are wearing caps and gowns across the street from San Diego High School.  I assume it was Vespers or Baccalaureate at Russ Auditorium.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Double Secret Probation

Where would we be without Bob Richardson '61 and his stash of great photos?  He took this one on assignment from his father: to document the kegger being held in the front yard of the Sigma Phi Epsilon house.  Click HERE to see an enlargement of the photo and to read the REST OF THE STORY!

Cars We Drove To School

Norm Black '68 shares a shot of the Car He Drove To School -- a '57 Ford "Surf Wagon".  Click HERE to see a larger shot and read what Norm has to say about it.

Two Lynns -- No Waiting!!

Lynn Elliott Townsend and Lynn Routt Swanson cozy up for a photo at the 2007 Colt 45 Class of '62 reunion at El Torito in Mission Valley.  Click HERE to look at photos of that event taken by Penny Bobrof and Nancy Watson Wingo.