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Friday, October 12, 2012

IT'S PITCH-BLACK IN PB and it sounds like it's still raining out there.  Might be a good day to stay in the house since there are no pressing appointments.

Boy am I pooped, but not as much as the folks who did the real work at the Class of '62 50th Reunion last weekend.  Nancy dragged me kicking and screaming to get our picture taken Saturday at the Bali Hai.  Who was the photographer's assistant but Lesha Klein Sand '67? (You knew her as Lorraine in grade school and Lori at Horace Mann)  Her sister is Sarina Klein Nordmarken '63, her brother is Ron Klein '66 and her ex-son-in-law is Lorenzo Llamas.  Go to Google -- you'll figure it out.

FINALLY -- a "feel-good" story about Crawford High School!  You'll love yesterday's U-T article about this year's Homecoming King.  Click HERE to check it out.

Dave Nichols '61 is a regular at Portland's Rogue Ales bar, so when classmate Bob Richardson hit town George Sorenson '69 made it a threesome.  Click HERE to see more.

Hey, there's a big article on Setsuo Tajima in the Golden Anniversary Pacer of October 11, 1962.  The Senior Sketches feature Louise Neil and George Fogelman, whose birthday was last Sunday.  This is a six-page edition.  Click HERE to read all about it.

Click HERE to check out the KGB Boss 30 top hits for October 25, 1965.  

Last week's Fry Day email should have contained the October 8, 1971 Pacer donated by Velinda Clanton Peterson '72, but I was overwhelmed with early October activities.  Click HERE to check it out.