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Friday, June 7, 2013

The Wandering Wingo Women checked in late yesterday from Virginia City, Montana.  Nancy says she'll be back in San Diego for the Class of '63 Reunion Planning Luncheon on Thursday.  

Susan Marshall Gordon '64, my Foundation connection, found a home at Crawford for the collection of 3-ring binders that I inherited -- and she came and got them.  The next day I was scouring Casa Frita (can you make the translation?) in desperate need of a 3-ring binder.

The June edition of the quarterly 12-page Alumni Newsletter went in the mail last week so, if you're a subscriber, you should have it in hand.  Since the Class of '73 will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of its graduation before the next newsletter, I put in a couple of pages of photos from the 1973 Centaur. Pacerettes Paula Davis, Dyane Culver and Peggy Fransaw are pictured above.  New subscribers include Sandra Beeson Benson '65, Bruce Carlquist '65, Sydney McVay Drumel '65, Gary Miller '65, Robert Phillips '65, Ken Sheldon '65, John Sweet '66, Winifred Ward Whitaker '66, Deborah Goldberg Todhunter '70 and John Schroyer '70

I'm guessing Marv Abrams '65 spotted the above baseball photo in the newsletter.  He's emailed some corrections, located himself in the photo, and thinks he may have thrown a ball that broke Bill Paxton's finger.  Click HERE to read all of what he wrote.

It can't be a coincidence that Dan Schrecht sent me this photo of JFK on El Cajon Blvd on June 6, 1963.  That was 50 years ago Thursday.  Dan and his brother, both Kearny graduates, learned in 1984 that they had a big sister -- a 1960 Crawford graduate.  Click HERE to learn who it is, and to see the above photo enlarged.  I'd be curious if anyone can identify where the photo was taken.  I let my fingers walk up El Cajon Blvd in my 1956 City Directory to no avail.  Even cruised The Boulevard via Google Earth.  Boy, that red building looks familiar!!!

Click HERE to read the June 9, 1972 edition of the Pacer.  The 6-page publication is the last one from the collection donated by Velinda Clanton Peterson '72.  The collection is now in the archives at Crawford.

A rather cryptic email last week asked me to take Cathy Johnson Slater '66 off the email list.  "She passed away on Mother's Day".