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Friday, March 29, 2013

IT'S DARK AND ALMOST WARM in Pacific Beach.  I'm not sure what's in store for Nancy and I.  I do know she and her two grown daughters are planning to drive to Lake Arrowhead and spend the night.

Anne Brownell Sarsfield '59 passed away March 15th.  She was born in Colorado Springs, but came to San Diego with her family to live with her grandparents when her father joined the Army in WWII.  A '63 graduate of San Diego State, she was delighted to have President John F. Kennedy as her Commencement Speaker.  Click HERE to sign the on-line Guest Book.

You don't need me to tell you things have changed at Crawford High School.  Earlier this month I listened to the Colt baseball coach ask if anyone could donate equipment for his team.  At the 1963 ASB Nominating Committee, held in the gym on April 30, Principal George Parry introduced City Manager Thomas Fletcher as the Keynote Speaker.  By the way, no refreshments were allowed in the gym -- and you could not leave until the convention was officially concluded.  Click HERE to read the entire program.

Alan Osborn '64 poses in front of the family home on Aragon Drive with "The Car He Drove To School" -- a '55 Chevy.  Click HERE to take another look at what the other kids drove.

Carole Riley Erickson '64 died on February 15, 2013, according to her childhood friend Freda Robinson Hart.  There are a few additional details on the Class of '64 Obituary Page.

Camellia Mize Fedder '69 passed away on March 3, 2013 reports her husband and classmate Alan Fedder.  There is more on the Class of '69 Obituary Page.

I think Ron Klein has finally solved the maddening "Individual Check" problem at the First Thursday function.  The party is moving to the Souplantation on Fletcher Parkway.

Friday, March 22, 2013

What are the chances?  I always thought I was an airplane nut, but Nancy may be worse.  We went down to Brown Field last week to check out Fifi, the only B-29 still flying, and hope to hit Gillespie Field today to see the Memphis Belle.  Maybe we'll say hi to Ted Hazlewood '63 at Southern California Aircraft Repair.

Here's a 1912 photo of Ramona that I've admired for years.  I always thought it looked northeast, but think it must be just the opposite, with the Ramona Town Hall a couple of blocks down and -- maybe -- Mount Woodson in the distance.  Click HERE to decide for yourself.

Doug Oliver, a San Diego television personality for 35 years, died at age 90 on the Ides of March.  Click HERE to read the U-T obituary.  Maybe you'll even want to sign the guest book.

Lorelei Taylor Barrett '73 says her mom Joyce passed away on March 14th.  Mrs. Taylor taught at Hearst Elementary in Del Cerro for over 35 years.  Services will be held on March 23 at 1 PM at the East County Mortuary Chapel.  Click HERE for more details.

Richard Cloward '60 is the Director of the Map and Atlas Museum of La Jolla.  He invites you to attend the upcoming "Cartes of Jo Mora" exhibit, beginning April 1st.  Jacinto "Jo" Mora was borin in Uruguay in 1876, but came to the US as a child and settled in Carmel.  He called his pictographic maps "cartes".   Email Richard if you'd like more information.

From the collection of Ann Roskos Roffelsen '63 we share the program from April a la Mode, the Class of '62 Spring Dance.  Click HERE to check it out.

Michal Prichard Poe '62 died of cancer on February 16th, according to her classmate Rebecca Holder Ingersoll.  Becky wrote, "I met Michal and her husband for the first time at our October 50th reunion and bonded with her instantly. We stayed in touch since then. I was immensely blessed and inspired by her in the short time I knew her. She fought valiantly the cancer that she had been battling for some time. I am deeply saddened by her loss."

The Golden Anniversary Pacer from March 23, 1963 features John McMullen and the late Stephanie Bedillion as Senior Sketches, and has an ad for Nicholosi's (sic) Italian Restaurant, 4203 El Cajon Blvd.  Click HERE to check out this 6-page edition.  

Hugo award-winning science fiction author Greg Bear '68 will give a free lecture today in the library at San Diego State at 2 PM and, I assume, will be signing copies of his latest book Halo:Silentium at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore at 7 PM

Friday, March 15, 2013

Nancy and I attended last Tuesday's meeting of the Foundation, held in the school library.  I'm the seated Santa Claus.  The baseball coach dropped by and talked about coaching kids from East Africa in the fine points of America's pastime.  By the way, he doesn't have a full complement of baseballs, gloves, or batting gloves -- and he's missing a JV coach.

KPBS ran a piece this week about why Crawford went to four small campuses and why it went back to one big campus.  Click HERE to read the article.  Apparently you can also listen to the story.

From the collection of Ann Roskos Roffelsen '63 I've posted the program from "Tahitian Farewell".  I assumed it was the Senior Prom, but it looks like it might be the 1963 Senior Awards Ceremony.  Click HERE to check it out.

Ed Herrmann '64, pictured above as a New York Yankee in 1975, is battling cancer.  His wife Barbara invites you to go to Caring Bridge if you'd like to know how he's doing.

Bill "Cappy" Paxton '66 forwards a photo of his 1962 La Mesa Tool Colt League Baseball team.  Sad to report, he can only recognize one person in the shot and he's pretty sure it's himself.  Click HERE to check it out for your own self.   If nothing else you can enjoy the Chollas Radio Tower in the background.

Also from Cappy is this photo of the Paxton family home at 5704 Lindo Paseo circa 1953.  I've added it to the Howard Rozelle Photo #61 Page.

Guess how much a Big Mac and large french fries cost at the McDonalds on 54th and El Cajon in 1972?  No I'm not telling!!  You'll have to go to the March 17, 1972 Pacer donated by Velinda Clanton Peterson '72

Looks like the Class of '73 will celebrate its 40th Reunion on August 24th at the Bali Hai.  Email Debbie Leimbach Ciccati for more information.

"Want a garden on your wall?"  That's the headline over the article in the U-T this week featuring Jim Mumford '75 and his Good Earth Plants.  Click HERE read all about it.

Friday, March 8, 2013

IT'S DARK, COLD and rainy in Pacific Beach.  Nancy and I ended up in the old neighborhood last Fry Day and dined at the Kensington Cafe.  She remembered going to the Safeway in Kensington as a toddler.  I've learned not to question her memories.

Sorry about the brevity of this posting, but I spent Monday licking, folding and banding Crawford newsletter subscription envelopes for the Class of '65, which went in the mail Tuesday.  Wednesday and Thursday were taken up folding, double-tabbing, labeling and banding 550 copies of the March newsletter.  That went in the mail yesterday.

Original faculty member Jesse Morphew showed up at last night's First Thursday Festa at Nicolosi's and asked the first old person he saw if he went to Crawford.  Turned out he did, but didn't know there was a party going on.  There may well have been 40 folks in attendance -- and only one waitress.  The lovely Bianca never folded, despite my rough behavior.

Services for Larry Mabee '61, who passed away December 16th, were held January 5th.  An obituary appeared in the U-T this past weekend.  Click HERE to go to the Class of '61 Obituary page to read the obituary and/or sign the guest book.

Boy, the Golden Anniversary Pacer -- March 7, 1963 -- was chock full of goodies, from the retirement of Sgt. Kaltenbach to the Colts winning CIF in basketball.  Click HERE to read all about it.

Rick Pepin '73 wonders if plans are afoot for a Class of '73 40th Reunion.   I'm not sure how he'll get the answer, since he asked to be taken off the Fry Day list.

Friday, March 1, 2013

I've decided to start reporting on Nancy and my Fry Day breakfast plans after the fact, since we often end up not where we'd planned.  Last Fry Day we met Stephanie Rose Petersen '74 at Janet's Montana Cafe in Alpine, then drove past the snow-covered fields around Lake Cuyamaca.  The snow plows were still working when we drove through Julian on our way home.

It's been a while since I shared a historic photo of San Diego.  Here's a shot taken along old Highway 101 around 1928.  Can you guess where?  Click HERE when you're ready for the answer.

From Velinda Clanton Peterson '72, it's the Crawford High Pacer for February 25, 1972.  Click HERE to find out whether Mr. Foote "Can Be Trusted".

Burt Tate '70 sends word of the passing of his classmate Jeff Smith, who has been living in the Sacramento area for the past decade.  Plans for a memorial in San Diego are underway.

Mike Nesbit (or is it Mark?) is bringing all manner of Colt T-Shirts, hats, sweatshirts and other clothing.  The money earned will go to the school.  Also, if you're Class of '66 you'll be celebrating your 65th birthday -- whether you like it or not.  Nicolosi's, March 7th, 6 PM.  See you there.