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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 29, 2015

I'M PRETTY SURE I KNOW WHAT NANCY AND I will be eating at the Waffle Spot this morning. Kitchen Manager Beto braced us last night at the Amigo Spot.  "How come you haven't ordered the Machaca con Huevos?  I put it on the menu just for you."  I'm a little concerned that my eating habits are being monitored by someone. They DID install security cameras last year.

SOMEONE is going to be looking for a babysitting job.  The 14-year old girl who pleaded guilty to starting the Coco's Fire has promised to repay $6 million to the county.

Dottie Johnson Vargas '60 can now go to the post office and buy a sheet of stamps with her husband's picture on it.  Click HERE for the details.

Observant Muslim students can now eat Halal meals once a week in the cafeteria at Crawford.  Sure is different from when WE were in school.  Oh, wait -- I just had a Fish Stick Friday flashback.  Click HERE to watch the KPBS video.

Dennis Bishop '61 shares another video featuring his brother Stephen Bishop '69.  Get yourself a beverage before you sit down.  This one is an hour long and starts with a mention of his high school group.  Click HERE when you're ready.

Ted Crooks and Betty Lewis were Mr and Miss Clean Campus, Jim Nettles and Jane Peters were featured in Senior Sketches and Bob Jordahl’s ’63 Chevy was May’s Car of the Month in the May 27, 1965 Golden Anniversary issue of the Pacer  Does anyone have the 1965 Graduation Issue of the Pacer?  I'd love to be able to share it on this site.