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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June 24, 2016

I'M GLAD SUMMER FINALLY ARRIVED!!  The heat during the last days of Spring was killing those of us in the Southwest.  I didn't suffer too badly here in Pacific Beach.  Nancy and I couldn't find parking at the Waffle Spot last week, so we returned to PB to breakfast at The Truck Stop.  No parking there either, so we settled for lunch at Beachtown BBQ at the other end of the lot.  You may remember it as Tony Roma's.

Speaking of Summer, Ralph Vartabedian wrote a fascinating article in the Los Angeles Times entitled The Sunset That Takes An Hour To Go From Date Palms To Redwoods  He notes it's a big state -- that the sun set at 7:49 in Bard, on the Arizona border and 8:49 in Crescent City -- and that "six state capitals lie west of Los Angeles".  He didn't give the answers, so I had to do some research.  Turns out I couldn't name the capitals of any of the states I thought might be part of the answer, so I had to start there.  Click HERE to see what I came up with.

Joe Dyke '65 and Doug Kvandal '66, who've made music together since their days at Horace Mann, will be performing with Jazz West as part of the "Sunday at Six" concert series in La Mesa's Harry Griffen Park.

Nelson Moore '61 forwards a photo of some of his classmates who gather on a regular basis for lunch. Click HERE to look at a larger photo with captions.

When I asked on Facebook where folks were on December 7, 1953 I was hoping someone would tell me there were in the photo with Smokey Rogers.  No such luck.  Owen Western reminded me that he had sent samples of Smokey singing a couple of songs.  I've added that link to the page that has Smokey Rogers on it.  Click HERE to take another look.

Speaking of consolidation, I've placed seven different Oscar's Drive-In references onto one Oscar's Page.  Click HERE to check it out.