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Thursday, June 9, 2016

June 10, 2016

Nancy and I put the June issue of the quarterly newsletter in the mail Monday so, if you're a subscriber, your copy should be at hand.  They've finally got the "new" Midway operation the way they want it I guess.  You still have to deposit your bulk mail check at the main office, then swing around the back to unload the newsletters.  There are two ways to go, both of which require pushing a button and waiting for the gate to open.  If you head south from the office you'll need to turn right at the "No Right Turn" sign.  If you go north you'll need to turn left at the "No Left Turn" sign.

Crawford’s Women’s JV Basketball team will be able to attend USD’s 2016 Team Camp thanks to $25 donations from the following: Miriam Aftreth Keesey ’72, Les Bunnell ’67, Dick Cloward ’60, Colin Cole ’62, Sharon Culver Considine ’60, Lynn DeWoskin Covarrubias ’66, Barbara Earley Powell ’64,Jerry Ellis ’61, Larry Guske ’62, Susan Kitaen Rhea ’66, Bob Lawrence ’64, Richard Mannix ’67, John Markey ’67, Mike McKittrick ’60, John McMullen ’63, Rondey Mitchell Garrison ’71, Bruce Parker ’62, Rodger Pogue ’71, Marcia Sanders ’64, Lynn Routt Swanson ’62, Mary Jo Schmith Grubbs ’62 and Linda Zweig ’75

RuPaul a Colt?  Diane Bell's U-T column on June 3rd asked the question:  What do concert pianist David Geist, actress-comedian Kathy Najimy, Christian music singer Sandi Patty and drag queen artist RuPaul have in common? All attended Crawford High School.  Pianist David Geist '80 performed at the June 1st Crawford fundraiser.  Wikipedia says drag queen RuPaul Andre Charles attended Patrick Henry.

Monica Pacheco Zech '72 was the Keynote Speaker at the 55th Grossmont College Graduation Ceremony AND he first recipient of an honorary Associate of Arts degree from the college.  Click HERE for all the details.

Dick Cloward '60 hopes you'll stop by the current exhibition at the Map and Atlas Museum of La Jolla.  It's called Art Meets Cartography: The World of McDonald Gill    Click HERE for information on hours and location.

Boy, that went fast!!  Click HERE to read the final Golden Anniversary Pacer for the Class of 1966 -- the 8-page June 8, 1966 Graduation Issue.  Chris Benson was voted Coed of the Year and Donna Hashaguchi was headed to DC to work with Congressman Lionel Van Deerlin.  And that was just the front page.

I'm guessing John Watt '66 attended Euclid Elementary, then moved to John Marshall when it opened. At any rate he's sent me a Map of Euclid Elementary and a School Staff list from Marshall that also lists the Principal of Euclid.

Greg May's Vintage San Diego Facebook page posted this ad from the February 15, 1985 Daily Aztec.  As long as I can remember Nickelodeon Records, partly owned by Betsy Scarborough '63, has been at 3335 Adams Ave.