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Friday, December 14, 2018

December 14, 2018

Paula Kincaid forwarded some amusing signs.  This was her favorite.  I'm not surprised.

Of All The Gin Joints . . .   My classmate Lynn Routt Swanson and hubby John wondered into the Amigo Spot last night.  That's Nancy, me and Lynn above.

Did you see Barry Manilow last night at SDSU's Viejas Arena?  Me neither.  Before he left town, Barry donated a piano to Crawford's music department.   Click HERE to read about it in the UT.

The Pekin Cafe has been serving Chop Suey in North Park since 1921.  They'll be closing their doors come March.  Click HERE to read the story in the UT.

Unrequited love is so sad.  Patti Frazier '61 has checked in once again, asking if I can hook her up with a Chicken Pie Shop chicken pie.  Good news, Patti.  I checked out the Chicken Pie Shop web site and they now will ship pies to you in Menlo Park.  You'll have to shell out $59.00 for an 8-pack, however.  Click HERE for details.

Nancy Moore Falconer '68 put this shot of three football players from '67 on Facebook this week.  Looks like Bobby Crogan, Jim Falconer, and Tom Crogan are in the desert.  I don't think there were any other details.

My cousin Jim Harper '68 posted this photo of himself and Monte Hall at an unknown auto dealer in the 1950s.  I spotted a clue in the upper left corner.  Joe Schweiger was "The Walking Man's Friend". 

Paula Hildebrand Clare shared this photo on Facebook.  She says the photo, taken in February 1966, shows her brother Rod and two of his friends in front of Rod's roadster.  I'm not sure which one is Rod.

My guess is that this vintage street sign once stood at the foot of Market Street.