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Thursday, May 14, 2015

May 15, 2015

HAPPY 51515!

IT'S WET OUTSIDE IN PACIFIC BEACH and supposed to get wetter.  Nancy and I may end up in line at McDonald's just so we don't have to get out of the car for breakfast.

As near as I can figure Nancy Taylor '72 is a STEM mentor, and we have a chance to vote on the project her kids produced.  Click HERE to watch the video and vote.  Voting is fairly complicated. You have to click on the Public Choice button, decide whether you want to use Twitter, Facebook or email to vote, make your choice, and then wait for them to send your ballot.  After I voted they wanted me to add them to my contacts list to make sure my ballot would get through their firewall.   Today is the last day ballots can be submitted.

Why am I showing a photo of our hated rival Herbert Hoover High School?  Turns out a whole bunch of Colts fondly recall summer school classes at the OLD three-story building.  Click HERE to watch a YouTube video taken in 1975 just before the old school was demolished.

"Wooly Bully" and "Gloria" occupied the top two spots on KDEO's Top 40 chart for the week of May 8, 1965.  Obviously, the Golden Age of music.

Wanna know what Bob Boone, Jim Cassie, Rod Collier, Bill Gore, Jack Watson and Lyn Upshaw had in common?  If nothing else they were School Representatives for Bob Coffman’s Tuxedo Shop.  Just one of many things I learned in re-reading the 6-page Pacer from May13, 1965.  Click HERE to read it for yourself.

Some of us still recall what used to occupy the site where the Campus Plaza Shopping Center sits today at 62nd and El Cajon Blvd.  Click HERE to read the article I snagged off Greg May's Vintage San Diego Facebook page -- and tried to put together on my web site.