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Friday, August 23, 2013

August 23, 2013

Nelson Moore '61 lives in Harbison Canyon and is helping with the Class of '63 reunion.  He thought he'd have some stuff ready for me to look at so I said Nancy and I would meet him for breakfast at Janet's Montana Cafe in Alpine.  Nancy's schedule changed so Nellie decided to meet with some other '63 folks in Escondido.  Nancy will be leaving Escondido about that time, and . . . oh, I don't think I'm gonna be able to make this work.

I've just uncovered an unopened HP 74 XL black and white ink cartridge in my desk drawer.  The printer it was destined for died and went to printer heaven a couple of months ago.  Staples is selling them for $41.99 so it seems a shame to toss it out.  I'll entertain offers from interested parties.  Think Starbucks gift cards or a hand-delivered Taquito Platter from Roberto's. 

A whole buncha guys -- and Lynn Routt Swanson -- said Doug Helzer's football picture was taken at a photo session.  A game, or even practice, would have required helmets.  Shows what I know.

Franklin Elementary School is at Monroe and Copeland.  Kids who lived in Kensington and attended Franklin went on to Wilson Junior High and Hoover.  Elizabeth Holmes Klugh '61 didn't live in Kensington -- and went on to Horace Mann and Crawford.  Click HERE to see enlargements of her Sixth Grade photo and another that's either First, Second or Third.

It took awhile, and Steve McDaniel '61 had to drive to Pacific Beach from Carlsbad, but we've scanned and posted his 5th and 6th Grade photos from Darnall Elementary.  Click HERE to see the finished product.

Robert K. Rice passed away July 25th at Collwood Terrace.  The father of Sally '74, Barbara, Joyce and Jean -- all '76 -- Bob served as principal at Oak Park Elementary, among others.  Click HERE to sign the Guest Book.  Click HERE to visit his Memorial Web Site.