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Thursday, November 13, 2014

November 14, 2014

LOOKS LIKE LITTLE JOHNNIE FRY is having oatmeal for breakfast this morning, ‘cause Nancy’s staying in Escondido.  She’ll be down tomorrow night for dinner at the Amigo Spot and to celebrate her birthday, which is actually on Sunday.  

Every so often it works out.  Susan Marshall Gordon ‘64, my contact on the Crawford Foundation, forwarded an email from Soccer coach Kyle Hagenburger.  I contacted him, he got back to me and noted that Colts could help him out by going to his gofundme link.  He asked for $2,000 for uniforms, cleats, shin guards and transportation monies and you guys came through.  Last time I looked the total was $3,850, which — Kyle says — will actually allow him breathing room into next year.  Way to go Colts!!

We don’t want to kill the geese that are laying those Golden Eggs -- but, some of you expressed a preference of supporting the arts rather than sports, so here’s your chance.  The Crawford Music Department, among other things, is hoping to replace its trash cans with real drums. Again, a dollar donation from everyone who gets my Fry Day email would match the good work we did for the soccer team.

Turns out Duane Sceper and Dave Gray CAN remember the ‘60s — and they agree!!  Click HERE to read some more of their memories the Land of Oden.

I snagged this business card off a Princess Stardusty post on the Facebook page “You grew up in San Diego if you remember”.  I remember my grandmother wanted to got to Sheng How Low for Thanksgiving — and we did.

Here’s the cover of the program for the Crawford vs St Augustine football game played at Hoover on November 13, 1959.  I’ll let you do the math.  Click HERE to read the rosters and see an explanation of the referees’ signals .

The Golden Anniversary Pacer for November 12, 1964 has a headline that caught my eye -- “Hootenanny Is Friday”.   Turns out it was Commissioner of Rallies and Assemblies Geri McGurn’s first assembly.  Click HERE to read the details.

Joe Russo ‘64 passed away November 9th of cancer says his classmate and friend of 55 years Ron Morse.