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Friday, June 28, 2013

Now on their respective email pages are Tim Scroggs ‘62, Miki Kipnis ‘67, Patti Morawitz Jacobs ‘68, Elizabeth Malkind Mitchell ‘69 and Charles Farris ‘71.  Subscribing to the quarterly newsletter were Dennis Frieden ‘59, Bill Kronberger ‘59, Ann Schoonover Bernhardt ‘59, and David Ellison ‘70

What?  Twinkies are back?  But I stockpiled 18 cases in my attic when they quit making them.  Guess I'll have to double up on my daily intake.

I was telling a friend one of my favorite stories, which took place when the “new” Sears store opened in Hillcrest in 1959.  Nancy immediately cut me off and said the story couldn’t have happened because the Hillcrest store didn’t open in 1959.  I’ve looked it up and of course she was right.  A least I’ve learned not to bet money anymore.  The story, by the way, was told to me by one of you out there who spotted Horace Mann shop teacher Mr. Olive demonstrating woodworking tools at Sears.  What’s your guess as to the year it opened? 

Speaking of things I thought I did but must not have because the math isn’t penciling out.  If it doesn’t get dark until 8 O’Clock — and have you noticed the days getting shorter since last weekend? — there’s no WAY I ever sat through a Triple Bill at the Ace Drive-In.  8 O’Clock is about when I fall asleep in my easy chair these days.  What time would I have gotten home if I survived three movies at the Ace?

I don't have any photos of the Ace Drive-In, but I did take shots of movie marquees in 1979 and 1980.  Click HERE to take a look.  Click HERE to read Field of Screens, Jay Allen Sanford's history of San Diego Drive-In movies.