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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Along for the Ride

John Straub '66 has a really cool blog entitled "Along for the Ride".  It's about cars -- sort of.  Click HERE to take it for a spin.

Crown Point Photo

Here's a photo of Crown Point, in Pacific Beach, before the Causeway connected it to Midway Drive.  The interesting thing is the inscription: "Compliments of Mrs. Dennstedt".  Click HERE to fly a little lower.

Pacer for October 9, 1970

Does anybody know where Angela Hixson is?  She was Girl of the Month in the October 9, 1970 Pacer donated by Velinda Clanton Peterson '72.  Click HERE to read all about it!!!

Skip Leonard Memorial Service

Do you know who this is?  Me neither.  Jeff Lee '66 forwards a group photo from the Skip Leonard Memorial Service on January 21st and invites you to supply names.  Click HERE to see the big picture.


The 2012 Re-Gifting Party was held by the Babes of '72 at an undisclosed location on January 21st.  Click HERE to see a group photo with captions.