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Friday, December 6, 2019

December 6, 2019

Ron Dixon '64 "saw" my Thanksgiving Turkey cartoon and "raised me one".

Deborah Nichols Poulos '63 has written the book above.  You can read more and purchase a copy on Amazon.  Deborah left Crawford after a year when her father was appointed President of Sonoma State College at its founding in 1961.  His name was Ambrose Nichols and he was a chemistry professor at San Diego State.

Apparently, if you join the new Disney + Streaming Service, you have unlimited access to Spin and Marty and Mickey Mouse Club episodes.  You might be able to find them on YouTube for free.  If you have to ask who Spin and Marty are, well -- never mind.

This photo got Gary Smith '70 wondering if anyone remembers a Mexican furniture (or furnishings) store not quite visible here on the west side of what is now Santana's Mexican Restaurant.  I think Santana's was once Denny's.

From the San Diego Union, December 3, 1969 -- 50 years ago!!

I'm not sure who Charlene Craig is, but she's posted a couple of photos on Facebook.  Her grandfather built Emmons Mercantile, 6340 El Cajon Blvd, in the 1920s.  Here's an early photo of it, looking west toward 63rd St.  I snagged a current view off of Google below.  Below that is the home Gramps built at 4727 Choctaw Drive, so he could walk to work.  The home is still there and, yes, that is Cowles Mountain in the background.  Remember when we called it "S" Mountain?