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Friday, February 5, 2016

February 5, 2016

Crawford Spanish teacher Toni Nicole Sutton was escorted from campus last Thursday by police and arrested on suspicion of engaging in an unlawful sexual act with a student.  Ay caramba!!  Click HERE to read more and HERE for a video.

Sorry there's no link here.  I just got a kick out of this 1953 Boys' Life cover posted on Facebook.

I'm still trying to get up to date with the Golden Anniversary Pacers.  Here's the 6-page issue from November 24, 1965.

The Crawford Alumni Association reports the death of two Colts, but I can't confirm their passing

Rollie Buckallew '59 • January 29, 2016

Jeri McGuire Gutowski '65 • November 23, 2015