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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 4th, 2014

Enjoy your weekend!! Wear sunscreen!!

Debbie Nichols Poulos ‘63, poses with hubbie John in front of some of the 18 quilts she has on display at University Retirement Community, where they live in Davis, California.  The show continues through July 31st.  Debbie would love to have you stop by.  Call her at 530-747-6326 or email her at

David Keller ‘68 shares a TED talk given by his classmate Louie Schwartsberg last March in Vancouver BC.  Click HERE to watch this spectacular display of nature photography.  That’s not really what it is, but it’s as close as I can get.

I’m pretty sure Kris Pruski Wood ‘70 is the person who sent me a copy of the June 12, 1969 Pacer.  The package was sealed so well I nearly needed a jackhammer to open it.  There are still pieces of the envelope in the corners of my office, but not the return address label.  Anyhow, it’s the 10-page Graduation Issue and you can read all of it HERE.

The Jameson twins — Marilyn Schupp and Carolyn Alford '61 —  have forwarded news of the death, on February 22nd, of “Cowboy Bob” Urbach ‘62.  In his retirement, Bob opened “Hats by Bob” in Ramona.  Click HERE to sign the guest book.