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Friday, May 18, 2018

May 18, 2018

Remember when all you had to do was turn a knob to change stations on your car radio?  Nancy has "Music of the '40s" on her Kia Sirius radio and I allowed as how I missed the '50s tunes she used to play.  I think I could land a 747 before I could figure out how to work Sirius.   We realized we'd have to head back to my house, get on the computer and access Google to find out how to change stations.  Oh, are you waiting to hear what happened?  We got back to my place but forgot why we were there.  I'm gonna look for a YouTube instructional video today.

Any chance you were a teammate of Richard Lidbom on the 1958 Piggly Wiggly Little League team?  I have the team photo on the web site, but no names -- not even Richard's.  Click HERE to investigate.

I'm not sure what Fillies Follies was, but the late Ann Roskos Rofflesen shared the program from the March 20, 1963 event.  Rollie Fanton, Linda Johnson, and Kathy Houser were the opening act.  I think they also performed at the 50 Year Reunion.  Click HERE to take a look.

Are you a 1962 Rolando Park graduate?  You might be in Mike Newell's class photos -- Kindergarten through Grade 6.  Click HERE to check them out.

Friday, May 11, 2018

May 11, 2018

To misquote Mark Twain, "there are lies, damn lies, and commercials."  I spotted one for lasik surgery for (I think) $399* per eye.  I was certain the asterisk would reveal the REAL cost, but when I looked at the bottom of the TV screen the fine print was blurry.  Gosh, it might lead a person to think they needed eye surgery.  (This was just an observation.  My eyes are just fine -- with glasses)

Click HERE to read all four pages of the May 9, 1968 Golden Anniversary Pacer.  Maybe YOU know who was trying to sell a '57 Chevy Bel-Air for $325.

Well, THIS one slipped through the cracks!!  If I had posted The Mighty 690 Top Forty on April 21, 2018 it would have been 60 years old.   Guess it's still worth a gander.  Click HERE to check it out.

Courtesy of Paula Kincaid

Friday, May 4, 2018

May 4, 2018

If you're of a mind to, I think you can watch Star Wars movies all day today on TBS.

This Bliss cartoon ran on Wednesday.  It sort symbolized the issues we seniors are dealing with.

I'm thinking of rewriting Citizen Kane.  This version will feature a man in his 70s trying to survive in the modern world of technology.   The last scene will feature him uttering the classic "Rosebud" which, in fact, will be the password he couldn't remember in order to access all of his important information that he'd transferred to the "cloud".

Were you in Mrs. Hallock's 3rd Grade Class at Marshall Elementary in 1959?  Click HERE to take another look at the photo submitted by Norm Black '68.

Click HERE to see both pages of The Big KCBQ Survey issued the week of May 3, 1964.

Friday, April 27, 2018

April 27, 2018

I don't know if you've been following the case of Naruto.  In 2011 the Crested Macaque swiped the camera of British nature photographer David Slater and took this selfie.  Slater included the photo in a book he published and PETA took him to court saying some of the profits were owed to Naruto  Click HERE to see how the 9th District Court ruled in this matter.

I hate geese.  They're like snakes with legs.  We had one in Spring Valley when I was a toddler and it once grabbed me by the rolled up hem on my blue jeans and dragged me kicking and screaming.  This week in Michigan a high school golfer got between a Canada Goose and its nest.  Click HERE for the whole story.

Here’a s photo of folks gathered at the Scott Shaw! table at last week’s San Diego Comic Fest. Scott has been a cartoonist and illustrator and involved in TV and related projects since graduating from Crawford in 1968.  George Sorensen '69 (lives in Lake Oswego, Oregon and works for Boeing), Jann Andrews)Morris ’69 (lives in Logan, Utah and already has great grand kids), Jan Tonneson (seated -- graduated from Helix but hung with the Crawford cartoon crowd),  David Clark ’69 (lives in San Diego and has been in the wine business for decades), Greg Bear ’68 (lives in Seattle and is a SyFi book author), Scott Shaw ’70 lives in LA, and works in Cartoon and TV)

Scott Shaw gets a two-fer.  Here's some of his artwork from the April 25, 1968 Golden Anniversary Pacer.  Click HERE to read all four pages.

Click HERE if you'd like an update on Ernie Cowan's house wrens.

If you have fond memories of the early days of the San Diego Chargers Rene Maza '74 thinks you might enjoy the Tales From The American Football League web site.

Darwin Montaldo ’60, Crawford's first foreign exchange student, died in Montevideo, Uruguay, on August 23, 2016 of lung cancer.  He is survived by his wife, Silvia Iglesias, his children, Daniel, Laura, and VerĂ³nica, and his siblings, Siboney and Dante.  ASB President Ernie Griffin and his family were Darwin’s host family. Ernie and I were told of Darwin's death by his daughter, Laura, who found emails exchanged between us and her father.  My parents, sister Margaret '59, her close friend Carol Drogin '59, and I visited the Montaldo family in the summer of 1960, having a wonderful dinner at their suburban home in Montevideo -- Bob Richardson ’61

Friday, April 20, 2018

April 20, 2018

Happy 420 Day!!  I know more fellow Seniors taking medical marijuana now than I knew Stoners using weed 50 years ago in Mission Beach.  Far out!

I'm not sure who Don Milne is but he asked permission to borrow from my web site for his Roadtrip-'62 web site.  Click HERE to check it out.

The Chicken Pie Shop is 80 years old.  Once owned by John and Lynn Elliott Townsend, it is now the 4th oldest continually-operated restaurant in San Diego.   You can get all the details in an article in The Reader.  Click HERE to check it out.

I never get tired of reading about the Campus Drive-In Majorette and how Mary Jo Schmith Grubbs' father came to design it.  The photo above, by the way, was taken in London, England.  That's Mary Jo admiring her dad's artwork.  Click HERE to read a great article about the majorette -- and neon -- in the San Diego Uptown News.

Kathleen Miller Keaton '71 passed away April 8th from diabetic complications.  She also did not have her photo taken for the annual.  Click HERE to read an obituary in the Union-Tribune.

Rick Woods '76 died suddenly in Kent, Washington on February 16th.  You can read a little more on the Class of '76 Obituary Page.

Friday, April 13, 2018

April 13, 2018

Scott Shaw '68, one of the founders of Comic-Con, will be a Special Guest next week at the San Diego Comic Fest, to be held at the Town and Country April 20-22.  It's the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Sara Karloff, daughter of Boris, will be in attendance.  Says Scott, "Many Crawford alumni will be attending and some will be doing a variety of presentations, including UCSB physics professor Roger Freedman and myself. I'll also have copies of some of my latest books and art prints for sale, as well as drawing commissions. You can also pick up the limited edition T-shirt I designed for this year's SDCF."

I should have posted this a week ago or so to take advantage of the Golden Anniversary theme.  Click HERE to examine the KGB Boss 30 radio hits from April 3, 1968.

When John McMullen '63 clicked on last week's April a la Mode program, he noticed that it had been donated by Mary Ann Roskos Roffelsen.   The two of them were members of the first graduating class at Hardy Elementary in 1957.  John attempted to contact her, only to learn that she passed away in 2016.  Click HERE to read her obituary.

Friday, April 6, 2018

April 6, 2018

Rosemary Erickson would have graduated in 1960 if her parents hadn't moved the family back to South Dakota.  Her latest book, "Serial Killers and The Aftermath" has just been published.  Click HERE to check out her website and get information on purchasing her book.

I've forgotten how Ron James went from being part of the James Gang silkscreening outfit in Ocean Beach to the publisher of "Wine, Dine and Travel", but he's sharing the Spring issue with you all.  Click HERE to check it out.  You can actually page through the entire magazine.

Ernie Cowan didn't have to leave his bedroom to go bird watching this week.  Click HERE to read his column in yesterday's Union-Tribune.

The Nomads played at the "April a la Mode" Spring Dance, held in the gym on April 6, 1962.   Click HERE to see all of the program.

Congressman Lionel van Deerlin was the keynote speaker at the '68 Crawford Nominating Convention, also held in the gym.  Click HERE to read all of the April 4, 1968 Pacer.

Recognize this intersection?  The photo of College Florist was taken in 1975 by the late John Suitts for a presentation to the Pacific Beach Town Council.  The photo below is a Google street view of the same intersection today, with a Jersey Mike's Sub shop on the corner.  Click HERE to look at some other photos John took in East San Diego.