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Friday, March 16, 2018

March 16, 2018

Remember when you would wear green to school so you didn't get pinched.  In later years I did not wear green in hopes I WOULD get pinched.  Sadly, I have no plans to leave the house tomorrow so I may have to pinch myself.

If you were born at Mercy Hospital it might have looked something like this postcard submitted to Facebook by Jean Graham.  Her mother sent the card overseas to her dad on the occasion of her sister's birth in 1945. 

Click HERE if you'd like to read all six pages of the March 14, 1968 Golden Anniversary Pacer.

Eddie Basko ’62 died of medical complications on February 14th in Redlands, California.

Belated Passings

John Patrick “Jack” Fares ’64 passed away November 1, 2016.  Jeanne Fares reports that her brother had been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia the previous April.  She noted that Jack led a healthy lifestyle, always striving to stay physically fit and was at the height of his adult fitness when this senseless, awful disease attacked.

Dan Felice ’68 was diagnosed with Liver Cancer in October of 2016 and passed away on February 2, 2017. He his survived by his wife Marica, his daughter, two sons and 6 grandchildren and two brothers -- Michael Levas

Friday, March 9, 2018

March 9, 2018

I've forgotten who it is that gently chides me twice a year when I mention Daylight Savings Time.  Turns out it's actually Daylight Saving Time.  At any rate, the law requires you to stay up until 2 AM Saturday night and set your clock ahead.  (Just joking -- someone out there is going to take me seriously)

Doug Kvandal '66 shares a photo of Coach Dick Draz and himself at last Saturday's Aztec basketball victory over nationally-ranked Nevada.  Maybe a coincidence, but a nice video about Coach Draz is circulating on local media.  Click HERE if you'd like to watch it.

Ironically the Aztecs face Nevada again tonight in the Mountain West Semi-Finals.  You can watch it at 6 PM on the CBS Sports Network. 

During a question-and-answer session, Justinz Duhimbaze (second from right), a refugee from Uganda and a student at Crawford High School, shows students at Bayfront Charter High School what he and his friends used to use as a soccer ball. “Exiled Voices” is touring schools through June.

One year ago, the stories of 13 young refugees from around the world played out on the stage of downtown’s Horton Grand Theatre via dance, spoken word, song and other original creative works.  In the time since Intrepid Theatre premiered “Exiled Voices: The Refugee Art Project,” a number of those works’ subjects — who were all Crawford High School students at the time — have graduated or moved away from San Diego.  In partnership with the youth social-services nonprofit SAY San Diego, Intrepid has launched a school tour of “Exiled Voices,” with hopes of bringing a condensed version of the project to as many as 20 campuses around the region this year. 

Click HERE to read the entire article from the San Diego Union-Tribune

Jean Patrick Graham '71 shared this photo of herself, Denise Green and Bonnie Henriksen in Mrs. Martin's Honors English Class.  Her query on whether Mrs. Martin was still alive brought out a discussion on Facebook.

There are now 48 entries in the Oscar's Drive-In Album on Greg May's Vintage San Diego Facebook page.  Sadly, none of them feature the restaurant we frequented on Menlo and El Cajon.  The image above is a colorized shot of the "original" Oscar's on Euclid and El Cajon.

We did NOT learn the identities of Norm Black's surfing buddies (above).  In the meantime, on Facebook, Betty Greenwood Houbion '64 wonders if you know the name of the 1960 Grad below.  I'm not sure if she has the name or wants the name.  By the way, both photos brought a notice from Facebook to me (the site administrator) of complaints about inappropriate photos.  I don't know if someone ratted me out, or if it was the Facebook algorithm.

Greg Montanero '66 passed away February 12th.  A Celebration of Life will be held March 24th, from 9 AM to Noon at Featheringill Mortuary, 6322 El Cajon Blvd.

Friday, March 2, 2018

March 2, 2018

The talk this week about arming teachers took me back 40 years to when Gary Keefer and I were both teaching at Hale Junior High.  I was covering the Old West in my US History class and decided to bring in my Winchester 94 to show the kids the "Gun That Won The West."  Gary spotted me toting the rifle and said simply -- "Discipline Problems?".  (You couldn't do this today -- I can't believe I did it then)

In 1957, when I was 14 going on 11, I listened to the Pacific Coast League San Diego Padres on my crystal set -- and Rudy Regalado was my favorite player.  Eight years later I was interning at the Washburn and Justice Ad Agency and Rudy walked in the door representing XETV Channel 6.  It was like I was meeting the pope.  Rudy died on February 12th at age 89.  Click HERE if you'd like to read more about him.

This Bizarro cartoon was published the same day the UT ran an article about Ace Parking suffering because folks were using Uber and Lyft.

Class of ’72 pals Skip Weitzen, Craig Hodgson, Bill Davis, Tony Flores lunched together at City Tacos in La Mesa  last Thursday.

Norm Black '68 hopes you can help him identify these surfing pals of long ago.  He thinks their names were Art and Mike.  The photo was taken at La Jolla Shores

Click HERE to read the Golden Anniversary Pacer issued on February 29, 1968.

Joel Bercuson ’62 passed away of heart disease while living in Solana Beach on September 13, 2017.   He is survived by sister Marsha Bercuson '64 and brother Alan ’73.  

Friday, February 23, 2018

February 23, 2018

Members of the Class of ’61 are pictured at DZ Akins on February 13th.  Left to right are:  Nelson MooreRhoda Reinas, Barbara Willoughby, Tana Piper, Judy Vultaggio, Sandie Robbins KnoxChristine Hayes and Al Palladino

FROM THE CHS WEBSITE:  The 1959 Little League Rolando Dodgers, courtesy of Brian Langlois '68.  "I’m at the far left in the second row, squinting severely with the best cap crimp," says Brian.  "Note the sewn-on R's on some of the ball caps and the bill crimp jobs. Check out the funky gloves, tied to the waist with the belt, and the coach on the right with his smokes rolled up in his sleeve."

Sandra Heck Hernandez '61, my dear friend and next door neighbor from the Oak Park days, passed away February 16th in San Diego -- Susan Marshall Gordon ’64

Doreen Manser Lindberg  '61 died January 26th of complications from a stroke.  She lived in Schertz, Texas.

Richard Christensen ’62 passed away February 15th.   He was a great friend and brother.  I will miss him -- Keith Christensen ’69

Suzanne Wamble Bowman ’67 died February 17th.   We were friends since junior high and had our kids at the same time.  I will really miss her --  Janice Pagliuso Haag ’67

Friday, February 16, 2018

February 16, 2018

Some of you will enjoy this Bizarro cartoon.  Those of you not on social media may not get it.

(From Diane Bell’s UT column of February 12th)  San Diego County Clerk Ernie Dronenburg Jr. will be wearing a pink bow tie to work Wednesday — and praying that it doesn’t rain.  Valentine’s Day is traditionally “our busiest day bar none,” he says, with as many as eight wedding ceremonies being conducted simultaneously throughout the day inside the county building and outdoors in Waterfront Park.  Reservations are encouraged, but walk-ins are accepted. “Just be sure you come early,” Dronenburg cautions. The weather forecast calls for 40 percent chance of rain Wednesday afternoon. If it rains, the outdoor weddings will be re-located to rooms on a lower floor of the County Administration Building.  As many as 10 to 15 county employees volunteer to help perform ceremonies, which cost $88, plus a $70 license fee.  Last year, 108 couples exchanged vows at the county building and its four satellite offices. Even more can be accommodated, Dronenburg says. “We won’t turn anybody away.”  (PS: It didn’t rain -- and I couldn't find a photo of Ernie with a pink bow tie)

Jim Bell organized a mini-reunion of folks from Crawford, Hoover and Kearny who played baseball in 1964.  That's Jim and Mike Shannon above.

I think I've shared it before, but this photo of Cinerama showed up on Facebook this week, and I'm sharing it again.  I think I saw Rosemary's Baby here.

The Golden Anniversary Pacer was published February 15, 1968.  Click HERE to browse all six page.

It is with great sadness that I inform you that our classmate and one of my closest friends Diana Wilson Longacre ‘60 has passed.  She left us on February 2nd in Clear Lake Calif -- Susan Stauffer Davenport

Our dear friend of many years Dorothy Woodward '66 passed away this past Thanksgiving evening (November 23, 2017}). She resided in Cedar Falls, Iowa. She is shown on the left in the picture below with her sister Liz Woodward '69.  We had a wonderful visit here in San Diego with them last October -- Don Christofferson '68 and Linda Skeen Christofferson '70

Friday, February 9, 2018

February 9, 2014

Remember when you told folks you lived in East San Diego?  Turns out there actually WAS a City of East San Diego, long before you went to Crawford, and Gary Mitrovich has written a small book about it.  Email him at if you'd like to purchase a copy. 

Larry Greenwood '64 checks in from San Antonio, Texas.  His email is

This image of a Campus Chuck Wagon cigarette lighter showed up on Facebook this week.  Red Meat and Cigarettes.  What could go wrong?

Here's a sports story from the February 10, 1968 San Diego Union I thought I'd share.

Hartwell Ragsdale ’70 passed away January 25th.  He was a phenomenal drummer and member of the groups Power and Rising Sun.  He was the heart and soul of Hollis Gentry and Nathan East.  His father was founder of Ragsdale Mortuary, one of the largest funeral parlors in San Diego.  I am so sorry for this loss as he officiated over the funerals of my grandmother, mother and sister.  This is a great loss as Hartwell was one of the most gregarious members of the Crawford alumni community.  When you were with him you always believed that you were the most important person in the world -- Bruce Hanley  Click HERE to read the obituary from yesterday's UT.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

February 2, 2014

Happy Groundhog Day.  I think it's supposed to hit 80 in San Diego this weekend.

The MLB Channel aired a great documentary on the late Tony Gwynn this week, with lots of input from Bill Center '63, longtime Padres writer for the Union-Tribune.

Click HERE to read the Golden Anniversary Pacer from February 1, 1968.

Ed St John passed away January 22nd.  A Celebration of Life will be held Saturday, February 3rd, 2 PM at the Pennant in South Mission Beach.