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Monday, March 30, 2015

April 3, 2015

IT'S DARK AND COOL IN PACIFIC BEACH, but supposed to get toasty warm and bright.  I've got my fingers crossed that there will be parking at Seaforth's Landing Grille so Nancy and I can split the Jig Strike Special -- with boysenberry syrup for my pancake.

Happy Passover, Happy Easter, Go Padres
 -- Not necessarily in that order!!

Last week I reported that the largest trout ever caught in Lake Cuyamaca had been landed by a fellow who used a ball of inflated night crawlers.  I wondered how one inflated a night crawler.  Turns out several Colts had the answer.

You use a syringe to blow him up.  And you are correct, he doesn’t like having it done -- Steve Swank ’64

Us old fishermen take a hypodermic syringe and inject air into the body of a night crawler.  It works -- Bill Frost ’66

To inflate a night crawler, most anglers use what is known as a “Worm Blower”.  I know where you went immediately with this one and I also know what your next question will be and the answer is,  “Yes, John, I have blown a worm”.   My preference, to get the best results and have more control while you’re blowing your worm, is to use a hypodermic needle.  It takes some practice, so, you have to blow a lot of worms before you get real good at it!  In fact, you’ve got me in the mood so, I think I’ll go out right now and blow a few worms -- Dave Gray ‘63

All of this has got me thinking about the Big Bang Theory episode in which Howard gets some pointers from Penny on how to bait a hook.  Click HERE to check it out on YouTube.

The Classes of 1960. 1965, 1970, and 1975 are planning reunions this year.  (Actually, later classes are too, but my records don't go beyond 1976).  I've added contact information to the Reunions Page.

Greg May has posted a couple of 1950s' aerials on the San Diego State album of his Vintage San Diego Facebook.  Click HERE to see the enlargements I've uploaded, or click on the other link to check out Greg's album.

The greatest April Fool's Joke ever!!  Click HERE to read the April 1, 1960 Pacer

Rick Combs '59 once asked if anyone else had gone to Adams Elementary.  Turns out Dana Carr '64 attended in 4th Grade at least.  That's him in the Second Row, third from the right.  Click HERE if you'd like an enlargement.  (In 2nd Grade I attended Adams, and Brooklyn, and Dewey, and -- in Guam -- Washington Elementary.)

Class of ’64 pals Barry Penn, Mark McClaren, Tom Peterson and Earl Asbury had their photo taken March 27th at the Ringside Professional Boxing Match at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.  Click HERE to see a larger photo.

Fay Brown Carlin '68 checks in from Grand Ronde, Oregon and would love to hear from old friends.  Her email address is

Linda Glaser Pomplun '69 passed away March 22, 2015.  Click HERE to read the obituary published in the U-T San Diego.

Ralph Jungk '66 just realized that his wife Lynne Snyder Jungk, who died in 1993, was not on the Class of '70 Obituary Page.  She is now.  Lynne gave him two sons and -- now -- three grand children.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 27, 2015

BOY OH BOY!!  Summer's here again, and it's only a week into Spring.  When Nancy gets down from Escondido I'll bet we head to the Waffle Spot.  I got to have my Jig Strike Special last Tuesday at the Landing Grille, next to Seaforth Landing, so it'll be her choice today.  Then it'll be Nothing To Do -- and All Day to Do It!!

From Wednesday's U-T San Diego: "Lukasz Szcedanek landed a 17-pound, 8-ounce rainbow trout on Sunday to smash the lake record of 15-4. He used a ball of inflated night crawlers."  My question is, "How do you inflate a night crawler -- and how to they feel about it?  (I'm going with a basketball pump.)

In yesterday's U-T Diane Bell had a feel-good story of a fireman who found a wallet with $4200 in it atop a gas pump.  He turned it in at a police station and the owner's wife sent money for the fireman to take his wife to dinner.  I remember a similar story 30 years ago at T. D. Hays Restaurant.  My question remains the same:  How do you even FOLD a wallet with $4200 in it?  I guess that's why it was on top of a gas pump.  I also wonder why anyone would carry that much cash, but I have some ideas I won't share.

Greg May added an Oscar's matchbook to his Vintage San Diego matchbook album.  As good an excuse as any to remind you about the Oscar's links on the Memories Page of this web site.   Scroll down to "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives".

Click HERE to look at five night shots I took on Hotel Circle in August 1982.   I don't think any of the establishments still exist, at least not under the same name

Last Saturday's U-T San Diego held articles featuring at least two Colts.

Sandy Shapery '61 is converting an 1869 downtown hotel into a 98-bed memory care facility.  Click HERE to read the article

Nature photographer and bird expert Ernie Cowan '62 tells us about the Yellow Warbler. Chirp HERE to learn more.

The Class of ’60 Reunion Committee met last week at the home of Vickie Heramb Lareau.  The reunion will take place Saturday evening, October 24th, at Old Town Mexican Cafe.   Click HERE for a bigger picture and names.

Class of ’64 grads who met for lunch on March 19, 2015 at True Foods Kitchen in Fashion Valley included: Meri Pierce Knight, Kris Gjerde Flynn, Janis Irvine Ricards, Bev Bachman Fritschner, Jane Newberry Smith, Jacque Donaldson Doyle, and Laurie Koosed Ratner. Click HERE if you'd like to see an enlargement.  Trust me, they still look good.

The May 25, 1965 Golden Anniversary Pacer features an article on the Crawford Surfing Club.  Coach Malcolm is referred to as a "Great Old Surfer".  Wonder what that makes him now?  He's still hitting the waves at Tourmaline most weekday mornings.  Click HERE to read all four pages.

Next Thursday is First Thursday at the Amigo Spot.  It'll still be light in the parking lot for those of you who leave at 7.  That would be the folks who arrive before 5.

Monday, March 16, 2015

March 20, 2015

Spring begins at 3:45 Pacific Daylight Saving Time.  Joe Dyke corrected me last week, as Mr. Billings once corrected him.  Daylight SAVING Time, not Daylight SAVINGS Time.

About three hours into Spring, the Aztec Men's Basketball Team will meet St. John's in the NCAA tournament Round of 64.  It will be broadcast on CBS at 6:40 PM Eastern Time.

The baseball season is upon us and Coach Cedric Neeley could use some gloves, mitts, bases, masks, certified bats, helmets and uniform items.   If you have any of the above items in the garage, perhaps you can drop them off at school.  A certified bat, I am told, is an aluminum bat that is certified.  In addition the Crawford Foundation has set up a GoFundMe account.  I'm hoping it will be as successful as what we did for soccer.  Get out your credit card and click HERE to contribute.

Greg May's Vintage San Diego Facebook page now has an album devoted to University Lanes and a Google street view link so you can see what's there now.  Those of you have been reluctant to join Facebook might want to think about it.  Click HERE to check out the album.  It's a slide show, so click on the first photo to get started.

I've decided to start cataloging the thousands of slides I've taken around San Diego over the last 35 years.  I'll scan the good ones and share them with you.  Here's one of two photos I took on February 20, 1980 showing the flooding in Mission Valley.  I'm now more interested in the fact that I captured a photo of the old Mission Valley Circle Theater and, nearby, Caesar's Restaurant.  Click HERE to see photos enlarged.

Ron and Heather Meyer Jagodinski have forwarded Jon Proctor's web site featuring airplane photos he's taken at Lindbergh Field over the years.  Click HERE to check it out.

Lew Fay has made a cut from the Nomads album available to the public.  Click HERE to listen to it on YouTube.  It's accompanied by a nice slide show, with a photo of what I think might be the Pacific Highway Oscar's Drive-in.

Kris Pruski Wood tells me the Class of ’70 is having a 45th Anniversary Reunion in the Baja Room at Marina Village on Saturday, July 25th from 6-11 PM.   Call Kris at 619-246-3777 or email her at

Karen Lozier, a popular PE teacher died March 6th in Lakeside.  My tennis partner Teresa O’Malley and I kept in touch with her after high school and, Teresa more than I, knew her family.  I believe she died from a lung related disease and had been fighting it for some time.  There is no service planned and her brother from Phoenix is handling her estate -- Linda Dederman ’69

Al Marko ’63 passed away peacefully from malignant melanoma on March 2, 2015.  He was born in St. Paul, MN and moved to San Diego in 1957.  He served in the Coast Guard from 1965 to 1971.  He was a proud member of Sheet Metal Union 206 for 46 years and retired in 2002. He leaves behind, among others, his brother Tom ’70.  His sister Susan Marko McArdle ’75 preceded him in death.  Click HERE to read more and view the Guest Book.

Monday, March 9, 2015

March 13, 2015

IT'S STILL DARK IN PACIFIC BEACH but I'm OK with that because -- thanks to Daylight Savings Time -- it's staying light in the evenings.

Friday the 13th AGAIN??  I thought we just had one.  Oh, wait -- if February has 28 days I guess that's the way it works.

I thought some of you might enjoy this image posted by artist Tom Rogo yesterday on Facebook.  It's an oil on canvas painting of his titled "Linda at Pacific Beach".  It shows famous surfer Linda Benson waxing her surfboard in the 1950s at Law Street.  Of interest is the fact that Crystal Pier is shown as it looks today, having been rebuilt after the destructive 1983 storm.

Suzi Karel won the San Diego City Schools speech contest, Jane Peters was named March Girl of the Month, and Rod Collier and Peggy Thomas were featured in Senior Sketches.  Click HERE to read all four pages of the March 11, 1965 Golden Anniversary Pacer.

David Weim ’59 passed away unexpectedly at Kaiser Zion Hospital of heart problems on March 1st. He was a San Diego native whose parents were first generation Americans from Norway and Sweden. He was very proud of his Viking heritage. After graduation, he went into the Army for a brief stint that included Korea, and then returned to San Diego, graduating from San Diego State University with a degree in Accounting. He worked for Advanced Rehabilitation Technologies for over 30 years, and had his own income tax business that he just gave up a few years ago.   Survivors include brother Donald Weim ’63.  Click HERE to view the Guest Book.

I received word on Wednesday of the passing of Don Tineo '63 on February 18th in Roswell, New Mexico.  There will be a memorial service in San Diego, but I don't know when.  Click HERE to read more and sign the Guest Book.

Friday, March 6, 2015

March 6, 2015

IT'S GETTING LIGHT IN PACIFIC BEACH.  I'm looking forward to Machaca con Huevos at the Waffle Spot.  It's not on the menu, but Beto says he'll make it for me and Nancy.

The March 2015 newsletter is in the mail.  Those of you who subscribe should be on the look out for your copy.  Those interested in subscribing can click HERE for more information.   Class of '65 members are on a March-March billing cycle so you should be getting your renewal envelopes.  I used to send them to all members for which I had addresses.  Now I'm just sending renewals to those who subscribe.  See the above link if you didn't get a renewal envelope and would like to subscribe to the 12-page quarterly publication.

I snagged a couple of photos of the U S Grant Hotel off Greg Lee's Vintage San Diego Facebook page.  They appear to have been taken in the early 1950s.  Click HERE to check them out.

“You all know I ‘went to the dogs’ many years ago,” says Londa Galley Warren ’62.  “Earlier this month I was honored at the National Bird Dog Museum in Grand Junction, TN, for my work in training, competing with and furthering the cause of the Irish Setter in the competitive field-trial world.  Here's a photo of the presentation of my Life Patron award.”

The Class of '65 Reunion Committee has respectfully rejected my offer to donate five unused '65 Centaurs.  They were given to me by Original Yearbook Advisor Jesse Morphew and I thought the committee might like to use them as door prizes at their upcoming 50th Anniversary Reunion.  Apparently not.  If you are interested in purchasing one, I am charging $50 each -- all monies to go to the Crawford Yearbook fund.  

Speaking of the '65 reunion, George Troutman asked if the King's Inn would be offering Colts a deal for the weekend of September 25th.  The hotel will offer rooms at a price of $65.00 per night plus tax if at least 10 people make reservations.  Check with me first.

Scott Shaw '68 said yes to getting the Fry Day emails again, and attached the above artwork.  Says Scott, "This is one of my contributions to Rhino's Grammy-nominated CD/DVD boxed set, WEIRD TALES OF THE RAMONES".

The memorial service for Jane Rudeen Marus will be held on Saturday, March 7th, at 11:00 a.m. at College Center Covenant Church. A potluck reception will follow.  To celebrate Jane's sense of joy, attendees are invited to wear silly hats and wigs if they are comfortable doing so.  College Center Covenant is located at 4463 College Avenue, San Diego 92115. (The parking lot is on Tarragona Dr.)