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Friday, March 9, 2018

March 9, 2018

I've forgotten who it is that gently chides me twice a year when I mention Daylight Savings Time.  Turns out it's actually Daylight Saving Time.  At any rate, the law requires you to stay up until 2 AM Saturday night and set your clock ahead.  (Just joking -- someone out there is going to take me seriously)

Doug Kvandal '66 shares a photo of Coach Dick Draz and himself at last Saturday's Aztec basketball victory over nationally-ranked Nevada.  Maybe a coincidence, but a nice video about Coach Draz is circulating on local media.  Click HERE if you'd like to watch it.

Ironically the Aztecs face Nevada again tonight in the Mountain West Semi-Finals.  You can watch it at 6 PM on the CBS Sports Network. 

During a question-and-answer session, Justinz Duhimbaze (second from right), a refugee from Uganda and a student at Crawford High School, shows students at Bayfront Charter High School what he and his friends used to use as a soccer ball. “Exiled Voices” is touring schools through June.

One year ago, the stories of 13 young refugees from around the world played out on the stage of downtown’s Horton Grand Theatre via dance, spoken word, song and other original creative works.  In the time since Intrepid Theatre premiered “Exiled Voices: The Refugee Art Project,” a number of those works’ subjects — who were all Crawford High School students at the time — have graduated or moved away from San Diego.  In partnership with the youth social-services nonprofit SAY San Diego, Intrepid has launched a school tour of “Exiled Voices,” with hopes of bringing a condensed version of the project to as many as 20 campuses around the region this year. 

Click HERE to read the entire article from the San Diego Union-Tribune

Jean Patrick Graham '71 shared this photo of herself, Denise Green and Bonnie Henriksen in Mrs. Martin's Honors English Class.  Her query on whether Mrs. Martin was still alive brought out a discussion on Facebook.

There are now 48 entries in the Oscar's Drive-In Album on Greg May's Vintage San Diego Facebook page.  Sadly, none of them feature the restaurant we frequented on Menlo and El Cajon.  The image above is a colorized shot of the "original" Oscar's on Euclid and El Cajon.

We did NOT learn the identities of Norm Black's surfing buddies (above).  In the meantime, on Facebook, Betty Greenwood Houbion '64 wonders if you know the name of the 1960 Grad below.  I'm not sure if she has the name or wants the name.  By the way, both photos brought a notice from Facebook to me (the site administrator) of complaints about inappropriate photos.  I don't know if someone ratted me out, or if it was the Facebook algorithm.

Greg Montanero '66 passed away February 12th.  A Celebration of Life will be held March 24th, from 9 AM to Noon at Featheringill Mortuary, 6322 El Cajon Blvd.