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Monday, November 25, 2013

November 29, 2013



Hope your Thursday is the greatest.  The Wingo Women and I will be dining — guest where? -- at the Amigo Spot.  They’re like family to us.

Speaking of giving thanks, Susan Kirk ‘68 says brother Ray came through 12 hours of surgery last Friday cancer free.  She thanks all of you who sent good thoughts and prayers.

I sent out an email to the Class of ‘75 this week asking if they knew the whereabouts of Nina Hutchuk.
I received an email from Gary Hutchuk, who hails from Canada, hoping I could put him in touch as he is working on the family genealogy.  Turns out Nina Hutchuk is really Nina KUTCHUK, but was listed as Hutchuk in the ‘75 Centaur.  Gary’s out of luck, but I still don’t know where Nina Kutchuk is.

Phil Petersen, who is listed as Philip Peterson, also in the ‘75 yearbook, is now on the ‘75 Email Page.
And he is no relation to the late Horace Mann Vice Principal Phil Petersen.

Undefeated Crawford will play Holtville Saturday night at Mesa College at 7 PM

Shooting pool at Pal Joey’s on November 23rd were  Les Sandoval, David Feeley, Bob Leidolf, Carl Brealey, Louis Galpert, Victor Perez and Phil Piscopo.   Click HERE to see a larger version on the Photo Page.

No, I DIDN’T make a mistake.  Yes, there is a Phil Piscopo in the Class of ‘63 AND a Phil Piscopo in the Class of ‘71.  And don’t get me started on Giovanna DeSanti Hauser ‘68 and her cousin Giovanna DeSanti Medina ‘72.  And there are three other cousins named Giovanna DeSanti.  And a deceased paternal grandmother named Giovanna DeSanti.

Ron Smith ‘72 forwards shots of the 1967 Horace Mann 7th GradeTrack Champs as well as the 1968 8th Grade Handball Champs.  

First Thursday is BACK!!
Free hors d’oeuvres and cheap drinks!!
That's December 5th at the King's Inn Amigo Spot

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