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Friday, October 13, 2017

October 13, 2018

The Crawford football team met its match last Friday when it lost to University City 47-7.  They play Clairemont at Clairemont tonight at 6:30. 

Have you seen the television ads for the Apple Watch that let you know you can access 40 million tunes?  I multiplied that by 3 to get the total number of minutes, divided by 24 to get the total number of hours, divided by 7 to get the total number of weeks, and 52 to get the total number of years.  If my math is right -- and it rarely is -- that's 298 years worth of tunes.  I better get started.

Do you remember the Heritage Coffee House in Mission Beach?  Me neither.  I guess I wasn't as "happenin'" as I thought -- and I lived a few blocks away.  Anyway, Union Tribune writer Logan Jenkins devoted his Wednesday column to a reunion being held this Saturday at the Single Fin Surf Grill, 3842 Mission Blvd, where the Heritage used to be.  I mention this only because the column contains some familiar names -- Jack Tempchin, Upper Cellar and Circe's Cup.  Click HERE if you'd like to peruse the piece.

Here are a couple of photos that recently surfaced on Facebook.  The stunning shot above is the Tower Bar, on University near Euclid.  It looks a lot like the photo below of Belmont Park.  I wonder if they're using  a drone to get these shots.  

Phyllis Schwartz '72 says 90-year old Mickie Geiger was the highlight of their 45-year reunion.  Pictured above are Phyllis Schwartz, Olivia Nava, Debi Soper, Carol Dana, Bernie Torretto, Roberta (Myles) Markey-- standing, Lynn Ziegenfuss.  Below are Missy Moss, Phyllis Naiman, Phyllis Schwartz, and Abbe Marlin