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Friday, September 4, 2015

September 4, 2015

Enjoy your Three Day Weekend.  I hope -- like me -- every day is a Weekend Day for you.  Wait a minute!! I spent all weekend folding, tabbing and labeling 485 copies of the September Alumni newsletter.  If you're a subscriber your copy is in the mail.  It features a cover article on singer/songwriter Stephen Bishop, a '69 graduate of Crawford.  Click HERE for information on how to subscribe.

Classes don't start for another week, but the football season is underway and Crawford's already a winner. They thrashed Orange Glen High School last Friday in a game played at Hoover.  Click HERE to read all about it.  They play Classical Academy, another Escondido team, at Hoover today at 3:30.

If I understand correctly, there are legions of Facebook fans who don't believe there ever was an East San Diego.  Ed Fazio, whom I don't know, posted this photo of the #7 bus in the rain on Broadway enroute to EAST SAN DIEGO.

Facebook, on almost a daily basis, has new, old photos that excite me.  Greg May just added this photo of Farrari's Dairy and Jack Murphy stadium under construction to the Mission Valley Album of his Vintage San Diego Facebook page.

We already mentioned the passing of Randy Robbins '67, but the Union-Tribune has now published his obituary.  Click HERE to check it out.