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Thursday, December 29, 2011

1959 Football Carnival Program

Here's the program for the 21st Annual San Diego City Schools Football Carnival, held in Balboa Stadium on September 26, 1959.  Click HERE to see all 16 pages.  

Pacer for October 14, 1958

Click HERE to read the October 14, 1958 Pacer.

Crawford Pacer

Click HERE to read the school paper from April 7, 1959. 

Andrew Jackson Elementary: 1954-1960

If you graduated from Crawford in 1966 -- and attended Kindergarten at Andrew Jackson -- you should be in the photo at left.  Can you see yourself?  Click HERE to see the photo and ALL of Dwight Yakel's Andrew Jackson photos enlarged.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

1958 Football Carnival Program

Click HERE to read the 16-page program from the Twentieth Annual San Diego City Schools Football Carnival, held September 26, 1958.  I was interested in the team from La Jolla High, which included Mike Chamberlain (husband of our departed Betsy Cairns Chamberlain '60), the late surfing legend Butch Van Artsdalen, and some guy named Doug Manchester.

Robert Juel Obituary

Crawford math teacher Robert Juel died on December 9th.  Click HERE to read what his daughter Connie Juel '67 wrote about him.

Jeff Graham: 1941-2011

Jeff Graham '59 passed away December 8, 2011.  Click HERE to read the obituary on the Scripps Institute of Oceanography page.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Crackpot Crones

Here's the website for Crackpot Crones, one half of which is Carolyn Myers '68.  I'm laughing and I don't even know their schtick.

JFK on El Cajon Blvd

Here's another color photo of President Kennedy's trip down El Cajon Blvd on June 6, 1963.  Maybe you can tell me where John's Hair Styles stood.  Click HERE to check it out.

Golden Anniversary Pacer

Here's the Pacer for September 21, 1961.  

Greg Trompas '67

Greg Trompas '67 passed away December 12th.  His sister Mia forwarded a great photo and an obituary, which I've posted to the Class of '67 Obituary Page.  You can also sign the Guest Book.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

They Called Him Mister Football

Bill Rainey wasn't the only All-Star on Crawford's 1961 football team, but he made every list.  A whole bunch of other Colts are mentioned in the news clippings I retrieved from my scrapbook.  Click HERE to check them out.

KGB Top 30 for February 14, 1972

Click HERE to check out the KGB Top 30 list for February 14, 1972

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kearny vs Crawford: December 1, 1961

The cover on this football program says C.I.F. Finals, but I'm confused.  That was my Senior Year and I thought we played Helix in the finals.  Oh, well, all will be revealed. Click HERE to browse through the program.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vote for Mission Trails Park

Click HERE to go to the Eco Ambassador on-line ballot and vote for Jay Wilson '61 and Mission Trails Park.  If he wins, Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation will get $25,000.

Seriously? We're Cousins?

Sheryl Slayen Baron '66 and Gary Dreyfus, who didn't know he was a Slayen, meet after 60 years.  Oh, but there's SO much more.  Click HERE to read about all of the Colts who are on the same Family Tree.

Louie Schwartzberg '68

Louie Schwartzberg '68 is featured in this 10-minute video showing some of his gorgeous nature photography.  Also something about his philosophy on life.  Click HERE -- and enjoy!!

Crawford vs Mt Miguel, November 17, 1961

I don't recall attending a Crawford football game at Aztec Bowl, but I've got the program.  Maybe someone gave it to me.  Wow!!  Duane Farrar weighed 200 pounds?  Click HERE to check out the other players.

The Centaurs Are Here!!!

Click HERE to see the color photos Mary Smith '62 took with her new camera the last week of school.  A bunch of folks are wearing caps and gowns across the street from San Diego High School.  I assume it was Vespers or Baccalaureate at Russ Auditorium.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Double Secret Probation

Where would we be without Bob Richardson '61 and his stash of great photos?  He took this one on assignment from his father: to document the kegger being held in the front yard of the Sigma Phi Epsilon house.  Click HERE to see an enlargement of the photo and to read the REST OF THE STORY!

Cars We Drove To School

Norm Black '68 shares a shot of the Car He Drove To School -- a '57 Ford "Surf Wagon".  Click HERE to see a larger shot and read what Norm has to say about it.

Two Lynns -- No Waiting!!

Lynn Elliott Townsend and Lynn Routt Swanson cozy up for a photo at the 2007 Colt 45 Class of '62 reunion at El Torito in Mission Valley.  Click HERE to look at photos of that event taken by Penny Bobrof and Nancy Watson Wingo.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Scott Bankston: 1950 - 2011

Scott Bankston '68 passed away October 21st.  Services will be held today at El Camino Memorial in Sorrento Valley at noon.  A gathering at the family home in Spring Valley will follow.  Click HERE for details.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Victim's Mom Backs Swap

Linda Bennett, wife of Michael Bennett '60, supports the prisoner swap that freed the man who killed their daughter Marla.  Click HERE to read the article in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Cars We Drove To School

Ron Layton '64 poses with his 1950 Chevy in front of the house of Buddy Green '65.  I assume Buddy took the photo.  Click HERE to see a larger view and to check out some of the other Colt Chariots.

Class of 1962's 40 Year Reunion Photos

I'm trying to locate reunion photo links on my web site and put them all on the Reunions Page.  Click HERE to look at the folks who attended the Class of 1962's 40 Year Reunion at the Catamaran Hotel in Pacific Beach.  Be prepared to see folks who are no longer with us.

Penny Postcards

Ted Hazlewood '63, among others, emailed me the link to the Penny Postcards site, which allows you to look at historical views from all over America.  Click HERE to check it out.

William Terry Collins '61

William Terry Collins '61 was known as Terry Collins at Crawford, Terry Ork in the punk rock field, Noah Forde in connection with cinema criticism.  When he died in 2004 he was listed as William T. Drake.  Bob Richardson researched these facts and more, which I've posted on the Class of '61 Obituary Page.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Class of 1961 Reunion

Prudy Milazzo Stephens '61 was the driving force behind the most stunning Crawford reunion ever.  Click HERE to see photos taken by Bob Richardson '61.  Click in the upper left corner after you get there if you want to watch it as a slide show.

Bad News for Jack Montgomery

Countless hours of selfless toil apparently have come to naught as the Lyric Opera San Diego filed for bankruptcy and laid off Leon Natker and Jack (J Sherwood) Montgomery '62.  Click HERE to read the article in the Union-Tribune.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Memories of Al Davis

For many of us Al Davis, the owner of the Oakland Raiders, who died last week was the Darth Vader of football.  I'm glad that sportswriting legend Jerry Magee was able to share a nice thought, that involved the Crawford attendance area.  If you lived on Chaparral Way, maybe YOU lived next door to Al Davis.  Click HERE to read the article. 

Speed Kills, Drive A Ford!!

Bob Mardon '64 shares two photos of his 1956 Chevy.  Click HERE to check them out on the Cars We Drove To School page.

Rory Pullens is hot!!!

Rory Pullens '75 has turned the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington DC into quite the success.  The Los Angeles Unified School District apparently tried to lure him west.  Click HERE to read the Los Angeles Times article.  Click HERE to read more about the Rory.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Maureen Reardon Obituary

Bob Gagnon recently discovered the fact that Maureen Reardon, his date for the 1965 Senior Prom, died September 14, 2010 at her home in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  He forwards a delightful remembrance from the local paper.  Click HERE to enjoy it.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mary Varley Obituary

Horace Mann Vice Principal Mary Varley passed away September 23rd at the age of 96.  Mr. Henzie has already signed the guest book.  You can, too.  Click HERE -- and be nice.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Free to Colts and Their Families

Mark Weissmann '69 is the Big Poobah for The Prestige at PGA WEST, the collegiate golf tournament being held at La Quinta October 8-11.  He says Crawford alums and their families are free, but I'm not sure what that means.  Click HERE to go to the web site for complete information.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Obituary for Robin Rhett Henry '74

Robin Rhett Henry '74 passed away September 2nd.  Click HERE to go to the Class of 1974 Obituary Page and sign the guest book.

Diamond MVP

Click HERE to see a bigger picture of Irma Perez '74 being honored on the Petco Park scoreboard.

A Look Back at 75 Years of Padres Baseball

Click HERE to read A Look Back at 75 Years of Padres Baseball by Bill Center '63

Obituary for Bob Baker '65

Bob Baker '65 passed away September 19, 2011.  A Celebration of Life will be held on October 18th.  Click HERE to read the obituary, sign the guest book and/or RSVP for the memorial service.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Memories of Oscar's

I don't even REMEMBER the Oscar's on 38th and University, but that's where this photo of Susan Roskos Mardon '65 was taken.  Click HERE to revisit the Memories of Oscar's Page, view a slightly larger photo of Susan as an Oscar's waitress, and read what folks remember about their favorite drive-in.

Class of '60 Picnic Photo

Beverly Swaim Wickstrom '62 shares a photo from the Class of 1960's 2011 Picnic held at the Submarine Base on Point Loma.  Click HERE to view the enlarged photo.  You probably can't spot Bev's husband Larry since he's wearing sunglasses and a hat.

Class of '62 Missing List

Beverly Swaim Wickstrom and her committee are already hard at work on next year's reunion.   They'd like you to take a look at the Class of '62 Missing List and let us know if you have postal or email addresses for any of the folks listed.

'66 Reunion Foto Fiesta

Last week's Class of '66 reunion at El Torito has been digitally captured.  Jan Bremner Hall submits, for your viewing pleasure, three Picasa slide shows -- Album #1, Album #2 and Album #3.  Susan Kitaen Rhea also shares an album

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scott Shaw '68

Last week's Fry Day shot of Don's Hamburgers reminded Scott Shaw that, as a 7th Grader, he sold his first artwork to Don's.  The picture of Homer Simpson reminded him of his latest work -- Bart Simpson Comics #61.  Click HERE to see a couple of pages.

Melissa Moss '72

I don't know the details, but it would appear that Melissa Moss '72 headed to the Other Coast and met with considerable success, the most recent of which was appointment by President Obama to an arts commission.  Classmate Ron Bennett remembers Melissa from Montezuma Elementary, Horace Mann and Crawford.  He shares links to four different articles on Melissa.  I will try to put them in reverse chronological order.   The White House/President Barack Obama (September 8, 2011)  
New York Social Diary (October 30, 2008)  
PR Newswire September 27, 1999   
Fast Company November 30, 1998

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Carpenters Little League

David Knight '73 sent in this photo, I'm just not sure if it should be called Darnall Little League, Redwood Village Little League or Carpenters' Union Little League.  Doesn't matter.  Click HERE to enlarge the photo and help put names to the faces.

Gary Williams: 1954-2011

Gary Williams '73 passed away in Sandpoint, Idaho where he moved in 2004.  Click HERE to read the obituary and/or sign the guest book.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bill Gore '65

He's the Sheriff of San Diego County now, but on September 11, 2001 Bill Gore '65 was head of the San Diego Field Office of the FBI.  Click HERE to read the Union-Tribune article from Tuesday, September 6, 2011.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Web Site Story

Click HERE to watch a hilarious sendup of West Side Story.