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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oscar's at Euclid and El Cajon

Colin Fort '60 says he was a DMO at the "Circus" Oscar's. That took me back a half century to the scene in "No Time For Sergeants" where Andy Griffith as Will Stockdale proudly announces that he is the barracks PLO. Click HERE to take another look at the Oscar's photo and read what Colin has to say. Click HERE to watch the PLO scene from No Time For Sergeants.

Camp Cuyamaca

Tuesday's request for Camp Cuyamaca alumni who might want to be on the field at PetCo Park this weekend took me back to Bob Richardson's page of photos and memories. I've added some of the emails received this week AND posted the Camp Palomar songbook and Ken Burton's Camp Marston photo at the top of the Memories Page. Click HERE to go there.

Howard Rozelle Mystery Aerial

I'm hoping Betty and Bob can figure out this Howard Rozelle photo from 1946-1947. I always thought it was Chula Vista, but I'm secretly hoping it's Kensington, overlooking Mission Valley. Click HERE to be magically transported to the San Diego Photo page and see the shot enlarged.