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Friday, February 1, 2013

IT'S STILL DARK IN PACIFIC BEACH, but not as so cold.  Nancy and I are going to run the Class of '71 newsletter renewal notices down to the Midway Post Office then head back to Pacific Beach for an 11:30 lunch with Lynn Routt Swanson and Penny Bobrof at Good Time Charlie's.  You're welcome to join us.

Turns out Ann Roskos Roffelsen is Class of '63 -- not '65.  (I thought she was a little young to be attending the 1961 Prom).  This week we'll look at her invite from the Class of '63 Junior Prom.  Well, I think it's the Junior Prom.  Click HERE to check it out.  I'm sure I'll here quickly if I've made another error.

James Pitt grew up in Del Cerro and went to Hoover.   His best friend -- Gary Stewart -- went to Crawford.  Gee, it's like the Blue and the Grey in the Civil War.  Turns out there were TWO Gary Stewarts in Crawford's Class of '63.  I don't have phone numbers for either.  Do you?

Bob Adams has checked in and is now on the Class of '64 Email Page.  He says "Hola!" from San Carlos, Nuevo Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico.  (That's it above) He didn't exactly say "Come on down!" but I bet he'd be happy to see you. 

If you missed the Ken Kramer episode in which he interviews James Daigh '64 about his photo of JFK in front of Rudford's Restaurant, you can watch it on your computer.  Click HERE to give it a go.

Bill "Cappy" Paxton '66 has apparently just discovered the photos of San Diego State that Bob Richardson took in 1973.  Bill was excited to see his family home.  Click HERE to read some of his other recollections.

Ann Bank Villarqui '69 (you knew her as Pat) is the Colt trying to remember the rock concert she attended in the summer of '68.  " I had just moved to San Diego, and my parents' friends' daughter took me to the outdoor venue with her," says Ann.  "It was definitely Taj Mahal, and maybe Led Zeppelin" 

George Glover '73 has fond memories of Aunt Emma's with his dad, with his Crawford buddies, and -- at the Chula Vista Aunt Emma's -- with his daughter.  Click HERE to return to the Aunt Emma's page and read the rest of the story.  Maybe if I get a spare moment I'll add my Aunt Emma's memories.

 Tom Tice checks in from Rio Rancho, New Mexico and can be found on the Class of '73 Email Page.

Looks like the First Thursday gatherings are back, but not at the Amigo Spot.  They're returning to the Nicolosi's on Navajo Road, just east of Jackson Drive.  6 PM, Thursday, February 7.