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Thursday, August 13, 2015

August 14, 2015

IT'S STILL DARK IN PACIFIC BEACH.  It's going to get hot at the beach, but I won't get any sympathy from the folks in East County.  Looks like it's gonna be another breakfast with Uncle Ben.

If you've wondered why I haven't mentioned Nancy and breakfast lately it's because of the Wingo Women's World Tour.  Nancy, Lisa and Leanne have been exploring America's highways and byways for nearly a month.  This vintage photo was taken earlier this week in Estes Park, Colorado, which -- I hope -- means they're headed in a southwesterly direction.  I'm not holding my breath. They were headed west from Syracuse, New York earlier in the trip and decided to take a detour to Williamsburg, Virginia.

From my classmate Terry Walker '62 -- "Once again I will be hosting, as well as dancing and singing in the San Diego Follies “Hit Parade.”  There will be six shows over four days August 20 through August 23.  It will be held once again at the Lincoln Performing Arts Center in San Diego.  With the Palm Springs version  shut down permanently, this is the “only game in town” for us old codgers.  The theme will be “Top 40” countdown of the greatest songs of all time.  The show is produced by Christian Community Theater and its organizer Paul Russell, a member of Crawford’s Class of ’71.  There is a cast of over 60 and a 15-piece orchestra.  Fun for everyone."

Girls Galore from ’64!  Here is a photo taken Wednesday of a bunch of us who met at the Olive Garden in Grossmont Center for lunch.  Front row:  Mary Anne Graham Schofield, Gloria Blish Michealson, Anita McDonald Perry.   Back row:  Shirley Jackson Peterson, Gail Bell (Jim Bell's wife); Mary Hansen Herrmann, Kim Beavers Shannon, Nancy Gibbons Potts.  Some of us meet monthly for lunch and it is always a lot of fun.  Shirley Petersen comes down from Los Angeles every month and Gloria Michealson came from Arizona! 

My classmate Ron Jagodinski '62 forwards a photo, taken by his Mom around 1956, of two Admirals' Barges at Broadway Pier.  That's a British warship in the background.  Click HERE to see an enlarged version.

Do any of you remember this "classic" record?  It was a 33 1/3 RPM cardboard record in the middle of a 1966 MAD Magazine.  You tore it out and played it.  I used to have and actually put it in the middle of a book to keep it flat and then could never find it again.  Here is a picture of the record and I have attached the actual song.  Only MAD Magazine would have put out something like that way back then -- Rick Middlestead ’64  

(I wasn't sure how to share Rick's MP3 attachment.  I will attach and send it to those who ask.  Be warned, it's basically two minutes of intermittent belching -- John Fry)

Click HERE to read the January 21, 1966 copy of the Horace Mann Cougar Times, from the collection of John Pacheco '70.

David Ming '65 passed away July 1st.  That's all the person at the other end of David's email address chose to share.