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Friday, January 1, 2016

January 1, 2016

Toyota of Poway advertised heavily during yesterday's college football games, promising "no payments 'til 2016".    Time to pay up.

Eileen Schwartz Kolkey says that Casa Adams, 3038 Adams Avenue, is owned by the people that once ran Julio's Restaurant and uses the same recipes.  Check out their MENU.  Get back to me if you try it and like it, and I'll get back to Eileen.

The Aunt Emma's menu posted a while back got Julie Eskew Daniels thinking about Don's Hamburgers.  I'm reprising a Golden Oldie photo I took in 1959.  I'm not sure if I was taking a picture of the Don's Hamburger sign and a girl got in the way or -- wait a minute -- it's coming back to me now.  Click HERE to see an enlargement of the photo.

Maybe Christmas wasn't the best time to ask you to help out Crawford's Basketball team, so I'll give it another shot.  Click HERE to check out their GoFundMe page.  They'll go up against Point Loma on Tuesday at 5:15 PM

Earl Altshuler spoke with Coach Sandback last weekend.  They're still planning a get together this summer for baseball alumni.  Email Earl at if you'd like to be included.