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Friday, February 23, 2018

February 23, 2018

Members of the Class of ’61 are pictured at DZ Akins on February 13th.  Left to right are:  Nelson MooreRhoda Reinas, Barbara Willoughby, Tana Piper, Judy Vultaggio, Sandie Robbins KnoxChristine Hayes and Al Palladino

FROM THE CHS WEBSITE:  The 1959 Little League Rolando Dodgers, courtesy of Brian Langlois '68.  "I’m at the far left in the second row, squinting severely with the best cap crimp," says Brian.  "Note the sewn-on R's on some of the ball caps and the bill crimp jobs. Check out the funky gloves, tied to the waist with the belt, and the coach on the right with his smokes rolled up in his sleeve."

Sandra Heck Hernandez '61, my dear friend and next door neighbor from the Oak Park days, passed away February 16th in San Diego -- Susan Marshall Gordon ’64

Doreen Manser Lindberg  '61 died January 26th of complications from a stroke.  She lived in Schertz, Texas.

Richard Christensen ’62 passed away February 15th.   He was a great friend and brother.  I will miss him -- Keith Christensen ’69

Suzanne Wamble Bowman ’67 died February 17th.   We were friends since junior high and had our kids at the same time.  I will really miss her --  Janice Pagliuso Haag ’67