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Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 12, 2014

T’S DARK IN PACIFIC BEACH but still cool.  That ain't gonna last.  I guess it will make sense to stay near the beach today, maybe even venture into an air-conditioned supermarket.

Turns out there was a phantom artist in the crowd at last week’s First Thursday gathering at the Amigo Spot.  He thrust this in front of me, then retreated to one of the booths.  Turns out I look a lot more like Woody Allen -- or possibly Walter Brennan -- than Brad Pitt.  Every one in my party insisted it was a great likeness, so I paid the man.

This is what San Diego State looked like when I enrolled in the Fall of 1962.  Well, sort of. You COULD drive north on College Avenue through the campus and park, if you got lucky. Adare McAllister took this photo in March of 1952, possibly on the same roll of Kodachrome he used to take last week’s photo of Mission Valley.  I’m thinking these are the dates stamped on the box when he got the developed slides back.  Click HERE if you’d like to see this photo greatly enlarged.

Dudley Mills ‘59 returned to Colina del Sol Park a couple of years ago to replicate the photo taken of him long ago with his 1940 Ford.  Here’s a chance to revisit the Cars We Drove to School Page.  

Peggy Workman Welch writes: "My father managed Lou's Liquor house at 54th and Redwood in the ‘50s until the late ‘60s. Do you have any pictures of the area from back then? There was a gas station, owned by Frank Monetta, a small grocery store, cafe, maybe a bar and more in that little shopping area. I think it was called Dennstedt Village." 

Kris Pruski Wood mailed me a copy of the June 12, 1967 Graduation Issue of the Cougar Times loaned to her by Bill Manning.  Click HERE to read all 10 pages.

David Cymberg ‘73 is a new subscriber to the quarterly newsletter.  Thanks, David.

Remember the guy who spun the plates on the Ed Sullivan Show.  Sometimes I feel like that guy.  Last week I posted two photos of recently departed Colts, hoping I would get additional information to share.  Scott Shewmaker ‘74 sent a recent photo and additional information on his sister LuEllen Shewmaker Blum which I posted on the 1972 Obituary Page.