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Monday, July 7, 2014

July 11, 2014

NANCY AND I ended up in Julian last Friday after breakfast.  The town was all gussied up for the annual 4th of July Parade, which was cancelled because of the nearby fire.  We may have BEEN the parade, although a large group of mariachis marching down the sidewalk was getting applause.

Apparently the folks from the Class of ‘72 are turning 60 this year.  I doubt many of them will dance the Tarantella and be serenaded with “That’s Amore”.  Giovanna DeSanti Medina (that’s her on the left) was the recipient of all that and has the pictures to prove it. Click HERE to see more hot babes — and a couple of guys who wormed their way into the party with a guitar and an accordion.

Gary Juleen ‘64 forwards a photo of Rolando Park Principal Dr. Hawks, a song (to the tune of “Two Sleepy People” about the 1958 6th grade graduation, all three 6th grade class photos and the names to go with them.  Click HERE to check out the BIG pictures.