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Thursday, May 24, 2012

FRY DAY, MAY 25, 2012

The problem with the Fry Day emails is that I never hear back from the folks who don’t get them.  Time-Warner will only let me send 500 emails in a batch, which means I have to send out six different batches.  (I know — hard to believe — but there are over 3000 Colts are on my list).  Sometimes a batch is rejected, with the mysterious “domain does not resolve” message.  Last week that happened with the last batch.  I was able to work around it, by emailing to individual classes.  “This is the first email I have received from you in a LONG time,” responded Linda Zweig ‘76.  “I have not received these in over six months,” said Marcia Williams Carver ‘76.  Hopefully I will start to get them again.”  

Well, ladies — here’s the deal.  Beginning this week I am going to try to post my entire Fry Day missive on the Colt Corral link.   That way it will always be just a click away.


Some of you may have had Coach Ron Davidson at Horace Mann.  I met him when he moved into College Village Apartments.  He called me Sloth.  He called everyone Sloth.   He didn’t mean lazy.  It may have been his favorite word.  My friend Jeff Dalrymple’s personalized plates say “SLOTHS” in honor of Ron.  We never could figure out why he quit teaching to join the Marines and go to Vietnam.  There was a rumor that he did it so his younger brother would not be drafted.  When it was time to ship out for Vietnam Ron asked me to drive him to Camp Pendleton.  He had his dress uniform in a plastic bag and told me he would be wearing it in his coffin when he returned to the states.  I started to argue with him — but you didn’t argue with Ron.  I’ll be thinking of him more than usual this Memorial Day Weekend.  There are some wonderful memories of him posted on the Colts Who Died in Vietnam page.  I hope you’ll take a look.  Get a box of tissues and watch the great video that the kids at Crawford put together also.


Boy, it was a tough run for Pacer Editor-in-Chief Donna Ochiuto 50 years ago this month.  In the previous issue she wrote about Barbara Lamb getting lei’d.  This week, well — you’ll see — if you read the 6-page Golden Anniversary May 24, 1962 issue of the Pacer.


Rick Blaine ‘64 went to Euclid Elementary and has his 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade class photos to prove it.


Alan Olson ‘64 has been removed from the ‘64 Missing List and added to the ‘64 Email Page.  In addition he shares his 3rd through 6th Grade Photos from Rolando Park Elementary -- AND Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd at Mark Twain Elementary.