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Thursday, March 3, 2016

March 4, 2016

Susan Marshall Gordon '64 found this photo, in her mother's things, of the sign that preceded the building of Oak Park Elementary.  Click HERE to see an enlargement.

Why didn't Bill Kousens join his '64 classmates at Richard Degen's wedding.   Click HERE to learn the rest of the story.

Speaking of 1964, I've just come across a 1:45 minute YouTube video of Channel 8 news.  If you're as old as me you'll remember Ray Wilson, Bob Regan, Doug Oliver and Harold Keen.   Click HERE to check it out.

Sheryl Leonard Bodzak checks in from Castle Rock, Colorado.  She's now on the Class of '70 Email Page.

Ron Smith '72 shares his Sixth Grade photo from Rolando Park.  I've added the photo to those he shared previously.  I'm not sure which one Ron is.  Chuck Rainey might be there somewhere also.  Click HERE to check out an enlargement

One of the back-logged emails I got last week was from my classmate Vicki Holman Sawders, who shared the sad news of the passing on August 6th of her best friend from age 5, Bonnie Johnston Knauer '62.  You can still sign the Guest Book.

We've just learned of the passing of Judie Smith Cagle '60 on December 10, 2009 in Aurora, Colorado