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Friday, January 4, 2013

OH MY!!  it is really cold in Pacific Beach (don't bother to email if you live in Buffalo).  If there's a parking spot at the Green Flash Nancy's gonna want to stop in for her favorite Eggs Benedict.  Then it's off to the Midway Post Office to mail newsletter renewal forms to the Class of '67.

Let me correct some of my recent errors.  Lenny Como is Class of '70, not '69.  Ed Kessler is Class of '64, not '72 -- although he enjoyed the brief spell of feeling younger.  Doug Glass is Class of '72, not '64 -- and wasn't enjoying the added years.

Auto Shop Teacher Jim DeVore married Polly Schunert '59 and they now live in Prospect, Oregon.

Lynn Routt Swanson '62 shares this photo of the original Nicolosi's Pizza House on El Cajon Blvd.  It was razed to make way for the I-15 freeway.

Speaking of restaurants on El Cajon Blvd., Ken Kramer finally aired the piece on James Daigh's 1963 photo of JFK in front of Rudford's Restaurant.  It'll repeat on Sunday at 11 AM on KPBS.  Click HERE to read the back story.

Bill "Cappy" Paxton '66 emailed this 1968 photo of San Diego State a while back.  I think he said it was part of a class assignment and that he'd send the rest when he could figure out his new scanner.  That apparently hasn't happened.  Click HERE to see the shot enlarged, and to read about the mystery solved.

Steve Brownell '64 sends word of the passing of his mom Frances Brownell on Christmas Eve at age 101.  You might have known her as Spanish teacher Senora Brownell or Senora Archibald.  Click HERE to check out photos from the Mariachi Party celebrating her 100th birthday.  Click HERE to read what some of her former students had to say on the occasion of Birthday #97.  Click HERE if you'd like to email Steve with condolences.