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Friday, November 3, 2017

November 3, 2017

Crawford's first Homecoming Game under the lights at the new stadium resulted in a 28-0 loss to San Diego High.  They play Kearny tonight at 6:30 under the lights at Crawford.

The 1961 Homecoming Game also pitted Crawford against San Diego, this time at Hoover.   Click HERE to check out the entire program -- and some other stuff.

Nooooooo!!  I thought I heard sleigh bells on TV Halloween night, and am sure I saw ToysRUs commercials LAST night.  Didn't they used to wait until after Thanksgiving before airing Christmas commercials.

What to do, what to do?  I just replaced a burned-out bulb in the lamp over my easy chair and was all set to purchase a new one to have in reserve.  I looked on the back of the carton and learned that the projected life of this bulb is 20 years.  At my age I'm not even buying green bananas.

The city recently established a homeless camp on property at 20th and B.  When I realized that was adjacent to B Street Hill I got to thinking about the old question:  "Which is steeper -- Laurel Street or B Street Hill."  The answer is "neither" -- according to an old article in the San Diego Reader.

Robert Dobkins '60 reports the passing of his twin brother Richard on October 28th from pneumonia.