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Friday, March 23, 2018

March 23, 2018

I thought those of you you remember Pep Boys might like to know how they got their start.

Melanie Dunn taught English at Crawford for a while.  Now she operates Patisserie Melanie in Hillcrest.  Click HERE to read the article in Night & Day.  Click HERE to read another piece in Eater San Diego.

Jean Peacock Graham '71 shared on Facebook this photo of her little sister Melinda '76 in front of the Crawford Trophy Case.  Was the Trophy Case in the gym or the office?

Paul McCartney was the featured Beatle on the cover of the KCBQ Big Survey of March 22, 1964.  Click HERE if you want to see the list of popular songs on the inside pages.  (Spoiler alert:  1-5 were all Beatles tunes)