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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 9, 2015

IT’S STILL DARK IN PB and the heater in my house just went off.  When Nancy arrives we’ll head to the Amigo Spot for a late breakfast.  The Waffle Spot is closed for renovation.

I see the Birch Aquarium is offering whale watching tours.  Beware.  They say it’s a “Three Hour Cruise”

Greg May has posted a series of stunning aerial photos of Pacific Beach circa 1975 on his Vintage San Diego page.  Click HERE to check them out.  I’ll try to add some captions over the weekend.

Larry Okmin ‘64 has scored a Two-Fer

A)  He shares a photo of classmate Miguel Reynero that he took at the 1964 Graduation Party.  I’ve added it to the photos Bob Lutz took last October.  Click HERE to take a look.

B) Remember Mickie Finns?  Larry Okmin PLAYED AT MICKIE FINN’S!!  That’s him on the left playing clarinet with the South Market Street Jazz Band.  ‘64 classmate Bob Saare is smack in the middle of the photo on trombone.  Click HERE to view an enlarged version. The page also contains some of the memories shared by other Colts.

A Celebration of Tom Rowe’s life will be held at 2 PM on January 25th at Faith Presbyterian Church, 5075 Campanile Drive

Cheryl Craig Brown ‘72 died suddenly and unexpectedly of a brain aneurysm on December 9th.  You can sign the on-line guest book but you better hurry. They’re taking it down on January 11th.