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Friday, April 26, 2019

April 26, 2019

Everything I have this week I snagged off of Facebook over the last couple of weeks

Ken Burton '72 shared a snapshot of his oldest Grandson, Coach Dick Draz, and Ken's oldest daughter.  I believe the photo was taken at the San Diego CIF Iron Man relays -- named in honor of Coach Draz.

Paula Hildebrand Clare '64 posted three Euclid Elementary class photos featuring her husband -- and my classmate -- Rulon Clare '62.  Click HERE to check them out in a much larger format.

I love photos of the old motels -- or in this case auto camps -- on El Cajon Blvd that date back to when it was Highway 80.  The Tea Garden Auto Camp was at 4646 El Cajon.  I'm not sure what's there now but I'll bet it's Asian -- which makes the Tea Garden name all the better.