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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 22, 2014

I GUESS WE’RE HEADED TO WINTER.  It’s dark now when I go out to get the paper at 5:30.  Nancy and I ended up eating at the Coco’s on Balboa in Clairemont last Friday.  I’m not sure what false clue to submit this morning.  Albie’s Steak and Eggs, next door to the Waffle Spot, is a good fall-back position when we can’t get in to the Waffle Spot.  What did Yogi Berra say?  “Nobody goes there anymore.  It’s too popular”.

George and Jackie Creore Jackson have returned to San Diego after a 20 year absence, have subscribed to the quarterly newsletter and are now listed on the Class of ‘67 Email Page.  They hope to make the next First Thursday at the Amigo Spot.

Warwick’s Bookstore in La Jolla is hosting the “launch event” for the new book by Susan Vreeland '63 on Tuesday, August 26th, at 7:30.  I’m not certain what a launch event is, but you’ll need to make reservations.  Call 858-454-0347.

The much-anticipated 45th Anniversary of the Class of ‘69’s graduation is only hours away. Tomorrow at 5 PM at the Mission Valley Buffalo Wild Wings (formerly Seau’s Restaurant). Try to behave yourselves.

Ed Schoenberg ‘70 is downsizing.  He’s retired from the Otis College of Art and Design and accepted a position as a college counselor at Bellarmine College Preparatory School in San Jose.  He will be sending his Crawford memorabilia to me.  I will try to find a good home for it.  This week’s offerings include a 1966 Horace Mann Cougar and two copies of the program from The Boyfriend.  I’m not sure if that was the Senior Play or not. I had previously posted the program on the Memories Page of my Crawford High web site.  Click HERE to check it out.

Three people in this photo are NOT from the Class of ‘71 and one isn’t even from San Diego.  The attractive assemblage gathered recently at the Grant Grill to hear Archie and the Archtones.  That’s Archie with the sax.  He’s a 1980 Patrick Henry grad.  Click HERE to access an 9 x 12 version of this photo WITH a caption.  

Are you a BS'er?  If you graduated from Blessed Sacrament School in 1964 you’re invited to a reunion to be held September 26th and 27th.  For more information contact Susan Weetman or Tom Graciano