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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Wandering Wingo Women -- Nancy, Leanne and Lisa -- have reached Rapid City, South Dakota. They're hoping it quits raining long enough to visit Mount Rushmore.  Here's a photo Nancy took  yesterday evening at Wall Drug Store.

Hey buddy!!  Interested in any 3-ring binders? Bayview Terrace Elementary School is closing, after 71 years in Pacific Beach.  I've inherited the Principal's Albums and, after removing all of the photos to save storage space, I'm up to my armpits in 1 x 8 1/2 x 11 binders as well as 2 x 12 x 9 binders.  They're like new.  Let me know if you're interested.

Click HERE to see an enlarged version of this 1911 photo of Lemon Grove.

Lois C. Tidwell, my English teacher at Crawford, passed away last week at Age 103.  I assumed she died years ago.  A two-line notice in the May 30th Union-Tribune is all I can share.

Donna Mador '68 died on May 28th.  She was a life-long San Diegan and is survived by brother Charles Mador '66 and Shirley Mador Kessler '69.

The final Golden Anniversary Pacer is the 10-page June 5, 1963 "Welcome President Kennedy/Graduation Issue".  Enjoy!!!

Drum roll please!!  This is the First Thursday Event everyone keeps asking about. D Day, if you will. Members of the Class of '66 are going to collectively celebrate their 65th Birthdays.  As a member of the Class of '62 I'm thinking this is a good chance to meet some young chicks giddily waving their Social Security checks in the air.  Apparently the event has been moved upstairs and will begin at 6PM -- not 5 PM.