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Friday, June 16, 2017

June 16, 2017

American Airlines is apparently rethinking its plans to make the space between seats even narrower.  The Los Angeles Times article in Wednesday's paper was illustrated with this photo by Frank Duenzl.  My first thought was that is was taken in Dubai, or some such locale, then I noticed the San Diego County Administration Building.  Things have certainly changed downtown.

50,000 seats for today's UCSD Commencement Address -- and additional speech -- by the Dalai Lama were snapped up in minutes Wednesday.  Takes me back to the surprise announcement in 1963 that President John F. Kennedy would speak at San Diego State's graduation.  Seniors who decided they WOULD take part after all were lined up late at night at Peterson Gym to get their caps and gowns.  Click HERE to look at some pictures.

Walt Tendler '74 took this picture at the County Fair.  It shows the Top 20 Seniors at Crawford High.  "If this doesn't show diversity," says Walt, "I'm not sure what does."

Does anyone have a use for 6 x 9 ziplock plastic bags?  I have a thousand of them that I no longer have a use for.  (The photo above shows one of the bags full of Sharpies.)

Seems a perfect time to trot out one of my favorite photos, of athletes and coaches, from the 1967 Centaur.  Click HERE for a larger view and you can make out the Red Coat Inn in the background.

Nancy and I cruised by 5967 Trojan last week and it looks like that's where this photo was taken. Nancy grew up a block away, on West Overlook Drive.

Alice James McCapes ’59, of Hemet, CA, died January 4, 2017.  She is survived by her husband Arthur and a whole lot of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Alice was very involved with her community. She was a senior officer in the TOPS weight loss support group where she helped countless individuals and was highly decorated. She was also active in the American Legion, post 53, with her husband, Arthur. Alice never let a moment go to waste. She was a swim instructor, Cub Scout leader, supported Little League, and was a dedicated and very hard-working dance mom. She was a very gifted crafter, and excelled in anything she attempted. She was, also, a master seamstress and loved making jewelry.  

Darrel Skinner ’62 passed away of a massive heart attack on May 11th, 2017.  He was a resident of Kimberling City, MO.  He was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on Jun 8, 1944.   He arrived in Washington State in 1957.  A petition for naturalization was made in San Diego when he was 15.  He married Elizabeth Murphy in 1965. “I guess it's that time in our lives,” says wife Betty.  “Just wanted to let you know.”

Vicky McVay Scherer ’64 passed away peacefully on May 30, 2017.  Born in Australia, she grew up in San Diego and is survived by Sisters Sydney '65, Judy '66 and Georgia '70