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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Linda Zweig

Wow!!  Who knew??  You can watch an episode of Huell Howser's California Gold AND get to check out Linda Zweig '75.   Actually it's Episode #103 of California's Golden Fairs and, I believe, was shot on opening day of last year's Del Mar Fair.  Linda is spokesperson for the Del Mar Fairgrounds and does a great job.  Click HERE to watch (and get ready to figure out how to turn down the volume)

Maynard's by the Sea

Turns out the late, great -- totally crazy -- Maynard Heatherly was the first husband of Marion Caster Baker, the San Diego State majorette who was depicted in neon on the front of the Campus Drive-in.  Click HERE to read all about Maynard and the bar that bore his name.