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Friday, February 1, 2019

February 1, 2019

Here's an amusing Bizarro cartoon from last week.

If you enjoyed the 1972 eastbound trip on University to 70th St, you'll LOVE the return trip, which continues past 805 through North Park and Mission Hills halfway down the hill on Washington.  Why, yes, that is Palisade Gardens pictured above.  Click HERE to go for a ride.  (You may have to type University into the search option)

Maybe we need to start an Author's Corner.  Melinda Peacock Reinicke '74 wanted to make sure I knew about the books written by her sister Jean Peacock Graham '71 (that's her above).  Click HERE to take a look on Amazon.

Clyde Shellstrom's '49 Chevy was the featured Heap of the Week in the February 3, 1959 Pacer.  Click HERE to read the whole issue.

Remember Funky Quarters, at 5968 El Cajon Blvd?  They hosted some fairly-well known entertainers.  This lineup, which I think is from 1971, recently appeared on Facebook.

I was shocked to see my friend and classmate Gussie Crowe Thornton appear in the obituaries on the Crawford Foundation web page.  She died on January 24th at her home in Rogers, Arkansas.  I hope details will follow.

Nancy Biner McConnell '67 recently learned that her friend and classmate Linda Malone (above) passed away June 11, 2016.  She never recovered from the death of her twin sister Marjorie, noted Nancy.  You can read more about them on the Class of 1967 Obituary Page.