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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 12, 2014

IT’S RAINING IN PACIFIC BEACH and the wind is rattling the trash cans.  If Nancy and I can dodge the showers, I’ve got my taste buds set on biscuits and gravy at the Waffle Spot.

Check out the cool uniforms sported by the Crawford Soccer team, thanks to your generous donations.  Click HERE to learn more about how the team is doing.

I snagged this Cotton Patch menu off the Vintage San Diego Facebook page where it had been posted by Jan Tonnesen.  Jan, who went to Horace Mann, but then to Helix, gave me permission to share it with you all.  Click HERE to look inside the cover.

Some stunning color photos of San Diego in the ‘50s have popped up on the Vintage San Diego Facebook page, each with the note “Thank you Pea Hicks.”   We think Pea Hicks purchased these photos at a yard sale and is sharing them with Vintage San Diego.  I’ll share them with you.  This one looks west in Mission Valley, circa 1952.  Click HERE to check out the enlarged version.

Good news for Janice Levine Zalewski.  There WILL be a 50th Anniversary Reunion, says Chairperson Judy Horowitz Glenn.  I’m guessing it will take place in 2017.  Victor Perez ‘71 shares a link for the Class of ‘67 Facebook Page.  I’ve posted these links on the Reunion Page of my Crawford High web site.  

I think it’s just a coincidence but Carlynne Albee, who went to Montezuma and later Grossmont High, says there’s a ‘67 Centaur for sale on Ebay.  Click HERE for the link.