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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September 5th

IT’S STILL DARK IN PACIFIC BEACH.  I’m almost certain Nancy and I will breakfast at the Waffle Spot then run some errands in Mission Valley and some errands in Pacific Beach.  I’m sure we’ll be ready to take the day off by noon.

Gail Kade Cleaver Grundman checks in from Dallas, Texas and is now on the Class of ‘59 Email Page.  She’s also planning to attend the Class Reunion on October 7th.

The September issue of the quarterly 12-page newsletter went in the mail on Tuesday.  If you’re a paid subscriber you should have your copy in hand as we speak.  Speaking of which, Larry Jaffe ‘60 is a new subscriber.  Thanks, Larry.

When I was asked to write the chapter on Crystal Pier I had no idea that Piers of the California Coast would turn out to be such a gorgeous book.  The author hired a helicopter to take the photos he used.  Click HERE to look at the photos -- and find out where to purchase the book.

It may have been twenty years ago that Adare McAllister, then a teacher at Mission Bay High Schools, showed slides at the Pacific Beach Historical Society that he had taken in the ‘50s and ‘60s.  Most, but not all, were taken in Pacific Beach.  I pestered Adare to loan me the slides, to no avail.  After his passing in 2012 I pestered his wife Gerry.  She finally relented last week — and wants them back now.  I was able to scan the ones I wanted and will share them with you.  Click HERE you’d like to see a 9 x 12 copy of this 1952 shot of Mission Valley.

Kim McGhee shares this photo from the Class of ‘74 40th reunion.  Click HERE to watch a Picasa slide show of the event.

LuEllen Shewmaker ‘72 passed away August 27, 2014.  “John, her husband of over 22 years, was with her, along with her brother, Scott '74, and John's brother Jim, a retired pastor, who was such a comfort to them, and for which we are all very grateful.  Our family, Colorado, and the world are greatly diminished; and I've lost the very best of little sisters” -- Terry Shewmaker '68

Margie Eaton ‘73 died Saturday, August 30, 2014.  “She was a good lady” -- Dave Engle