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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 16, 2014

How hot was it yesterday in Alpine?  Stephanie Rose Petersen doesn’t care. The ‘74 graduate is on an Alaskan Cruise.  “Brrr,” was all she said.

Kathy “Ka’chi” Lobo ‘65 is looking for a 1960 Horace Mann Cougar.  Here's the cover of Bob Richardson’s 1958 Cougar just to put you in the mood.  If you have a 1960 Cougar but don’t want to part with it, perhaps we could copy it and post it to the web.

Charlene Krebsbach Clark ‘64 was effusive in her praise after I posted her updated reunion flyer, then allowed as how there were two last-minute changes:  the Marriott reservation phone number (877-622-3056) and Web Site

I couldn’t resist this ad from the May 17, 1964 KCBQ Top 40 List.  I think I went to the Ice Capades at Glacier Gardens, but had no clue — and find it hard to believe — that they appeared at Westgate Park.  By the way, “Love Me Do” was the #1 hit that week.  You can read both pages if you click HERE.

1964 classmates Bob Boone and Ron Layton, with the rest of the team in the background, are pictured in the May 23, 1964 San Diego Union after capturing the San Diego CIF Baseball Championship the day before.  Ron Layton submitted the clipping.

Gary Juleen shares a photo of his band “Cheryl and the Progressives”.  We’re not sure of the date, but Colts in the band are — from right to left — Dennis Mitrovich ‘67, Mike Hoover ‘65 and Gary Juleen ‘64.  Cheryl was from Chula Vista and the rest of the band went to Mount Miguel.  I'll publish the rest of Gary's letter in the June 12-page alumni newsletter.

Sandy Liflander says her 1959 classmate Mary Lou Smith Erwin died on May 9th.  A memorial service will be held tomorrow (May 17th) at 11 AM at Living Faith, 7225 N Coyote Springs Rd in  Prescott, Arizona.  Click HERE to sign the on-line Guest Book.

Reid Cooper sends word of the recent passing of Margie Poe Snipes.  Click HERE to read a remembrance from Margie’s son Jonathan. (You'll need to scroll down a bit after you get there).