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Friday, April 26, 2013

Imagine plopping down in your easy chair and turning on the television only to see yourself.  Luckily that didn't happen to me 'cause Nancy and I stayed a little longer than we'd planned at the Amigo Spot last Thursday.  Several of you wrote to tell me you'd seen me do my "Garnet, Darn It" bit, which I think is about 20 years old.  Judging by my glasses, it may be older.  If you'd like to see it go to Ken Kramer's About San Diego.  It's near the end of the 30-minute piece.

I was looking at this photo of three Douglas TBD "Devastators" when it occurred to me that I could share it with my Colt buddies as a San Diego Photo.  I'm almost certain the photo looks north to La Jolla Shores from east Pacific Beach.  WWII buffs know that all of the Devastators at the Battle of Midway were shot down by the Japanese.  One of the planes in this photo was there.  The two others were lost earlier.  Click HERE to learn more -- and see the BIG picture.

Coming in from out of the cold were Barbara Adams Ek '66 from Everett, Washington, Frank "Butch" Hiller '71 from Rancho Mirage and Harold Goot '76 from Marion, Illinois.  You can find them on their respective email pages.  Judy Sisler Pedro '66 has moved from Norman, Oklahoma to Berkeley, California to be closer to her daughter.  THAT must be an interesting cultural change.

Rolly Fanton, Anita Smith, Doug Wied, Donna Genaro, Janice Hillis, Barbara LeSage, Richard Bray, Terry Hudson, Rick Herrmann and Charlie Tate.  Track Star, Senior Sketch, Heap of the Week, May Coed, Wedding Gown Model, Honored Journalists, Music Festival Winner.  You'll have to read the April 25, 1963 Pacer  to figure out who earned which honor.

I believe the 5th Annual Senior Awards Day program is the last of the Crawfordiana loaned to me by Ann Roskos Roffelsen '63.  Enjoy!!

They're BA-A-A-A-A-CK!!!!  Ron Klein is returning to the Amigo Spot with his First Thursday followers.  Holy Cow!!  It says 5 PM in the above marquee from Nancy Miljas.  That's almost too early for me.  Let's see, I guess that would be May 2nd.  See you there.

Nancy and I may be brunching on Costco hot dogs next Friday.  Arcadia Publishing has asked me to show up at the Morena store at 11 AM on May 3rd to autograph copies of my Images of America: Pacific Beach book.  If you can't make it you can purchase a copy off my web site.