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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Turkey Day

Have a nice Thanksgiving!!

I wonder what the late Bob Biehler '61 would think about classmate Sandy Shapery's latest automotive venture.  Bob, a world-renowned builder of custom hot rods, remembered the cool cars that Sandy fixed up.  Monday's U-T features an article about Sandy's efforts to recreate the Electriquette, the battery-operated carts seen at the 1915 Panama-California Exposition in Balboa Park.  Click HERE to read the U-T article and watch a video.  Click HERE to take another look at Bob Biehler's work.

Hostess is again teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and Twinkies are flying off the shelf.  Richard Lidbom ’62 recalls another Hostess product, however.  "I remember making 25¢ an hour for my Boy Scout troop in the late '50s walking door to door putting miniature loaves of Wonder Bread in mailboxes with an associated flyer.  (Mrs. Brunner would NOT be happy with that sentence.)  I also remember 'stashing' a few (6) of the loaves for myself.  I thought they were cute.  When I got home my father made me sit down and eat ALL of the bread at one time to teach me a lesson.  Yes, I was sick afterwards.   I remember that the ties on Wonder Bread were color-coded to tell the day of the week it was baked.  I found the table at Wikipedia:  Blue -- Monday; Green -- Tuesday; Orange -- Wednesday; Red -- Thursday; White -- Friday; Yellow -- Saturday."

David Bieber '69 has restored a Harley-Davidson 45 Solo WLA that he purchased in Montana in 1993.  Not only that, but he's produced a little video, starring family and friends, featuring the restoration.    Click HERE to watch the video.  Click HERE to contribute to the Wounded Warrior Foundation as part of Dave's Team.

Click HERE to check out 8 x 10 copies of the Blessed Sacrament photos from Kris Pruski Woods '70 for Grades 3 through 5.  Click HERE for Andrew Jackson Grade 6.

Lorna Longerbeam Odegaard ‘72 shares news of the Pat Brillo/Julio's story.  "One of the cooks that worked at Julio’s for years, now has his own restaurant at 3038 Adams Avenue, called Casa Adams.  He even brought along some of the restaurant furniture that was in Julio’s."  Click HERE to take a look at the Casa Adams menu.