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Friday, September 6, 2013

September 6, 2013

I DIDN'T KNOW MONSOONAL was a word, but that's how they described the past week's weather. Wednesday night seemed a little cooler -- or less humid.  I believe they're predicting 90 in San Diego today.  It might behoove me to stay close to the beach, but the Waffle Spot might draw Nancy and I into Mission Valley.

Is it 5774 already?  How the time flies when you’re Jewish — which I was for a couple of days in 1958.  If you haven’t heard the story, I announced to my 9th grade Horace Mann classmates that — Rosh Hashanah being a Jewish Holiday — I wouldn’t be at school the following day.  I went home, tripped over a garden hose, and ended up downtown at the Medico-Dental Building getting a plaster cast on my broken arm.  I wasn’t at school the next day so there may still be some folks out there who consider me one of their Old Testament brethren.  As a matter of fact, Stephanie Rose Petersen '74 promised to blow my shofar, then conveniently flew to San Francisco and boarded a cruise ship with her husband.

Earl Altshuler ‘68 spoke to Baseball Coach Bill Sandback last Sunday and they’d like to plan a get together with as many former players as they can find.  The function is tentatively scheduled for Spring or Summer of 2014.  If you played baseball for Coach Sandback, and would like to be included, email Earl at

Who IS that?  Not Don Knotts.  We know he's in the pictures sent in by Marilyn Spier Myers '70.  It's the woman second from left, a Home Ec Teacher at Crawford, who hosted the 1971 Old Globe after party at which the photo was taken.  Click HERE to see both photos.  We don't know who the girl is next to Don either.

Bob Mentze ‘70 shares a photo of the Horace Mann marching band circa 1961.  The only people he recognizes for sure are his dad, music teacher Walter Mentze and, right next to him, trombone player Dale Saare ‘64.  Maybe you’re in there too.  Click HERE to check out the enlargement.  I’m trying to figure out where the photo was taken.  Is that Jackson Elementary in the background?