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Friday, March 31, 2017

March 31, 2017

Dick "The Map Man" Cloward thought, if you liked the 1977 "Whimsical" Map of San Diego, you might enjoy this 1915 "Aerial" of the Panama California Exposition.  Click HERE for an enlarged version.

A number of folks were "certain" the mystery girl at 3626 Balboa Vista Drive was Barbara Brandt '64 -- or possibly her sister Kit Brandt '68.  Kit Brandt wasn't buying either of the guesses, so I guess I'll move on.

The Beatles held the top five spots on the KCBQ Top 40 of March 29, 1964.  Click HERE to check out the complete list.

I posted this 1959 Thomas Brothers Map Book a while back, but thought it might be worth another look.  Buckle up and click HERE to page through some memories.